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  1. because of player instructions from that side in front there is AF for ex at right side. Besides e that 2 DMs have different player instructions. so you se those red aqures
  2. no it doesnt. besides dropping the DL even will cut the CCC of oppositon with through ball
  3. Another fantastic result with 442 Sympathy for the Devil P103 By the way I am using 3 sets of tactic and 442 Sympathy for the Devil P103 I use in ECL and want to say it gives very good results especially against 4-2-3-1like Napoli game. Another I use is WULF 4231 P102 ECCC and this one has good results against 4-3-3. This also has very good defensive record I just conceded 5 goals in 22 games When i need to score i use 4-3-3 with 3 strikers.
  4. Yes. Especially if to compare two sides. Huge squad quality difference..
  5. FM20SympathyforthedevilKnapZaipvol2442P103ECCC.fmf45.01 kB · 39 downloads Giant killer
  6. I tried all devil tactics with Fenerbahçe from Turkey. I may easily say the last 4-4-2 is best. Much much better games. Strikers score. Just one problem. So many yellow cards
  7. do not choose anybody as a corner taker. Thus, you will be able to score goals from the corner as you will not caught by counter attacks when you choose nobody as taker one of your winger will take the corner and pass it to your right or left central midfielder and this guy will give pass to your fullback. Most of times he run with ball, shoot and score goals. Sometimes fullbacks cross the balls and probably one of your player hit the ball again
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