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  1. I have both types and all plays good and scores. Also CBs score from corners. I set noone as takers. My DLP and LW take corners. Year is 2033 I dont think you will know about my players But ok you asked so here is the answer: I have 33 years old Phoden , 30 years old Cherki, Camavinga and 34 years old Mbappe Btw most of teams have very good players games produced in time. I may easily say to play future is much more interesting to play than real word now
  2. https://community.sigames.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=291396
  3. ok. Btw that IWB version Venom&Faith is very good and stable too. Lots of goals less concede. Last season 138 scored 14 conceded in premiere division. 63 scored in ECL.
  4. Yeap I saw mate:) this one that one... my team's playing style attracted me rather than the number of goals scored. credits to you!..
  5. Struggling against 4-1-4-1. Also score less of course. Away matches you may try 4-4-2IWB Venomfaith
  6. Mine too. I cant remember clearly but I think this my 8th season or maybe more I am using it.
  7. I suggest give a try FM 20.2beowulf 442WAF P107 With new ME - nearly no through ball counters - Number of CCC reduced ( I mean statistically) but have lots of chances in any case - number of stupid mistakes reduced too
  8. And you gave up? Btw 2 matches and 2 copy corner goals. I hope this is not exploit
  9. because of player instructions from that side in front there is AF for ex at right side. Besides e that 2 DMs have different player instructions. so you se those red aqures
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