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  1. I have requested this multiple times. A players PA should be dynamic.
  2. 100%. They need to fix what teams would financially accept and not include ridiculous factors to the asking price based on selling to a rival or for wonderkids. This applies also to teams who want £20 million for their wonderkid when their full squad, stadium and training ground is worth about £1 million!
  3. Can you not set the maximum AP in the scout assignments, so they only scout players who are under the maximum you would pay?
  4. You're overthinking this - who cares how they model it, that's for the devs to worry about. Just make it dynamic with slight and moderate changes as you suggested.
  5. Absolutely. Since the youth ratings are usually in the range of 80-180, a maximum change of 2 points per year should suffice in it not being too dramatic an effect.
  6. I would love the idea of a dynamic youth rating with a cap on the highest rating possible for each country.
  7. https://community.sigames.com/topic/448375-australia-data-issues/
  8. Do you not remember FM Live? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_Manager_Live It was a disaster. The vast majority of FM players are not interested in FM Online.
  9. I am VERY VERY interested in other effects of a youth intake other than the Youth Rating or Game Importance. We need to make sure that a nation's youth intakes are as dynamic as possible. From my experience even in FM19 - national team and league reputation have little to no effect on youth intakes. I think we still need to have a dynamic youth rating as per the above it is the biggest! (but not only!) effect on youth intakes with static facilities.
  10. 1. By population you're talking about the amount of people in a county then this has no relevance to the conversation. Youth rating has been defined as: "Youth Rating influences how likely specific nations can produce an average amount of quality newgens; the average number of newgens who can become world class players or players with higher reputation in the future. " 1. If you mean how does a club influence the youth of a nation, here is how (and this is what happened with England). Man City/Chelsea become wealthy = buy expensive players = increase league reputation = increase revenue to FA = increase in investment in NATIONAL youth facilities = increase in NATION YOUTH RATING. 2. They can indirectly by increasing the league reputation. 3. As above but lets now talk about Celtic and Rangers (forget England). Let's say Celtic and Rangers are bought by Arab billionaires = buy better players = better results in Europe = increase in league reputation = increase in TV deal = increase in money to Scottish FA = increase in investment to Scottish youth facilities = increase in YOUTH rating. So yes a club or clubs SHOULD be able to directly affect a nations youth. Englands youth players did not get better on their own or nor did they get lucky the top EPL teams and vast money in the EPL has lead to an increase in the investment in the NATIONS YOUTH FACILITIES via an increase in the reputation and TV deal from the top league. Again the youth rating should be dynamic and linked to: nation league rep, nation TV deal, club reputation and club youth and training facilities.
  11. No your mistaken, I understand what the Nation's youth rating means and you CAN influence the population via facilities. This is what England has done over the last 10 years with St Georges Park and Man City especially have done with their facilities. These have had a direct impact on the quality of youth produced by England.
  12. The youth rating should be dynamic. You only have to look at the EPL and the influx of TV money and wealthy foreign owners to see the massive impact on the England youth teams in the past 10 years. I would say that it in theory England has had a big boost to it's youth rating in the last 10 years. So if Scotland managed to get a massive TV deal and Rangers, Celtic and Aberdeen were bought by Arab owners there would be a massive investment in grassroots football and facilities. We would without a doubt see an improvement in the quality of Scottish youth produced. Would Scotland be reaching the World Cup final after 10 years in this scenario? NO! But what we would see is an increase similar to what England has and I think it can happen over a fairly short time say 8-10 years.
  13. I bought this today on your recommendation @Smurf https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/FX504GD-E41275T-ASUS-TUF-Gaming-FX504GD-E41275T_2458989.html Dropped to £550 from £600 - I just had to bite! Thanks!
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