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  1. A good first half Despite our initial failure to play convincing football this first half of the season has gone quite well for us: We did lose some steam towards december with a few late goal victories but this was success when you compare it to our early matches. This has been so largely thanks to my attempt at taking some lessons from the current Ajax tactic to come up with the following deep 4231: Like I said this tactic was born from a desire to replicate the Ajax build up from deep. I have signed a great number of promising youngsters to add to Bayern's already
  2. A "Sequel" match Once again we were facing a deep formation and once again I decided to go with my 433 against it. This time my biggest worry was the Argentinian Alejandro Gomez: Atalanta had won 0-2 against Inter and it had all been thanks to his ability to create chances from the left wing by not only crossing the ball but also cutting inside to play a through ball to Duván Zapata, another run of the mill Target man. Alejandro had no glaring weaknesses apart from his air game so even our usual ploy of seeing him on the foot opposite to his role risked not being as effect
  3. An auspicious start Our very first game against SPAL saw us win 0-2 in a comfortable encounter: SPAL had only one player capable of posing a threat to us, Petagna: He is quite a good Target man, 190cm, very good strength, Balance, Teamwork, Jumping reach and Heading along with some very good PPMs. He has two glaring weaknesses that let him down: his one footedness and his lack of composure. Because of this I had Koulibaly, who happens to be even more of a physical beast, target him throughout the entire match by showing him onto his weak foot and marking him tig
  4. Facing the 433 part 2 I am not sure what to make of this result. On paper it is a bad result but I had set myself the mission of minimising the chances of a far superior team and if you consider that their first goal was a counter where both Pulisic and Reus (two of the greatest wide players in the game) bet their marker to cross the ball and score and that their second goal was an own goal from our centre back in a corner near the end of the match I wouldn't call our experiment unsuccessful in the defensive end of things. In attack we had 5 shots, with four of them coming from
  5. Facing the 433 Last decade saw the rise of the 433 as one of the most dominant formations in the modern game. From Mourinho's Chelsea to Guardiola's Barcelona many top teams have employed this formation to great effect. The 433 is a very flexible formation which can easily form passing triangles all around the pitch, the defensive midfielder can drop in between the defenders to bring the ball out of defense, the striker can drop deeper to link up with the midfielders and leave space for the wide attackers and the fullbacks can stretch the pitch wider by marching forwards with relative saf
  6. A total success I am very pleased with how the team played. We managed to reduce their opportunities to a minimum. We also scored a total of four goals against them completing our tactical domination of the match. I have not included to blocked shots from outside the area. the two shots from inside the area were achieved through set pieces. Our tight marking of their strikers and closing down of both midfielders meant that the best they could do throughout the match was two really speculative shots from far away. As I predicted it was Jaroszynski who proved to be conductor of t
  7. Our next friendly is against Chievo Verona. The first thing I look at is their manager's profile. At the bottom we can see his usual way of playing, a deep 532 with a direct attacks and zonal marking. We also see that he likes to go with attacking mentalities but I do not trust this too much since Napoli is a much better team than Verona there is a high chance they will go for a more conservative formation. Next I take a look at their matches to try and guess some things about their team, especially the roles they use: These are Chievo's average positions against Spe
  8. Pragmatism I am at heart a perfectionist. I want to do things the best I can and I try to take into account every detail in order to achieve my goals. Even in football I am constantly watching matches, reading books and articles, watching videos...etc. Pragmatism is defined as a philosophy that quantifies and qualifies approaches and beliefs in terms of their success in praxis. There is a widespread belief that perfection is impossible, this is most likely true and therefore our only consolation is taking a pragmatic approach to things. So long as it gives my team 3 points I will ke
  9. A hiatus We'll meet again don't know where don't know when but I know we'll meet again some sunny day After a 1-0 victory in the german cup from our opponents own goal, after scoring seven out of eight goals from set pieces and after my changes caused us to play worse both in possession and out of it I am burnt, I can't properly recreate my vision and it is time for me to move on. I have decided to focus on a different topic that has been roaming around my mind since the 442 diamond. During the summer, when I am fresher and have more time and patience
  10. Evolution By paying close attention to our pre season friendlies I decided to add several new team instructions that have helped the team perform: Pass into space: we were lacking penetration so I switched it on and it has helped our attack an awful lot Overlap left/right: I was unhappy with the movement of our wingbacks so I told my team to overlap the flanks in an attempt to make them go higher up the pitch, it has worked. Work ball into box: in the second half of our intrasquad friendly I ticked off the lower tempo and switched on this instruction creating better
  11. All wrong, all wrong. After my dissatisfaction with my implementation of my ideal and my foray into the 442 diamond I was once again facing the challenge of building a system based on my archetypes. I decided to get rid of my previous tactic and start from nothing in an attempt to skip my previous mistakes and look at things from a fresh perspective. Where did I go so wrong that the highlights of the season came from ignoring the system in favor of a different tactic? Why couldn't my team play like in my vision? Looking at my first Chelsea season with new eyes I can see where I went
  12. Brexit has happenned in my save and the Premier now runs on a maximum number of Foreign players system which has ruined my squad of only 4 english players. It will take me forever to bring a team of acceptable players under these conditions so I have decided to start a new save with Bayern Munich since it already has a ready made squad for the style I want to play and they happen to have a great academy and be wealthy and prestigious enough to poach the best talent in the world. I am sorry if any Chelsea supporter wanted to see my dream team play on chelsea shirts but this was probably t
  13. Using a high Press You do not need to look at the first minutes of the match to see how the other team plays and how you should try to counter, before every match I take a look at the manager of my opposition where one can find very important information regarding the style of play of the opponent: Here we can see the tactical choices he usually makes and other important information such as their teams mentality, the way they defend and how long their passes will be. In this case I chose a High press because of their bottom heavy formation and the fact that Jokanovic (who playe
  14. European super Champions After a ten man draw against Bielsa's West Ham where I decided to boldly play a high press against them (I went for a low block the moment Jorginho earned himself a red card) I was very happy with the way we both attacked and defended but was a tad unhappy with not having a match to showcase how effective our tactics were being aside from friendlies. Until now. The European Supercup saw us fight Champions League winners Inter who played a 4231 with DMs, I decided to go for a low block and try to hit them on the counter but I was not expecting to dominat
  15. I think the most underated of managers and a guy whose ideas have shaped my understanding of football just as much as Cruyff and Michels is Valery Lobanovsky. He took both the individual and collective training sessions to new levels and his 442 was refined into a perfect machine of quick vertical passes, relentless pressing and varied defensive approaches the likes of which we have never seen again. Without him there would have been no Bielsa, no Sachi, no Simeone and no Klopp and the ways of training would be stuck 20 years in the past.
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