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  1. Wigry Suwałki - May 2019 I Liga Our unbeaten run is over, but we've closed out the season strongly. We had a solid 3-1 win over Bytovia Bytów in which Damian Pawlowski scored an absolute cracker of a goal. Odra Opole then gave me my first defeat in my managerial career, a disappointing 1-0 loss away from home where we gave away a dumb penalty. With nothing left to play for, we beat GKS Tychy with three second half goals, two coming from Sebastian Bergier, who I will certainly miss next season. Delighted to finish in 6th in all honesty, I did not expect us to climb this high. I think that with the right signings, this team could push for promotion next season, but with a tiny scouting network, finding players could be tough. I'll update soon with a season review!
  2. New contract, coaching badges, and setting records. Good news on all fronts .
  3. Wigry Suwałki - April 2019 I Liga A very good month all things considered. We started April by hosting Garbania Kraków and squandered a 2-0 lead before Mackiewicz snatched a dramatic late winner for us. We didn't defend well there, but got clean sheets in our next two games, a stalemate with Bruk-Bet Nieciecza and a solid win over bottom of the table side Warta Poznań. We went back to our horrific defending habits against Stal Mielec, where individual mistakes cost us a lot in a game we should've won. Our best performance of the month was the last game against Sandecja, we absolutely tore them to shreds in a 5-0 win. We've flown up the table and are mathematically safe from relegation. There isn't much left to play for in the final three games of the season as promotion is out of reach, but I still want to finish as high as possible. Overall, I'm very pleased with how things have gone at Wigry Suwałki so far.
  4. Wigry Suwałki - March 2019 I Liga It's been a strange mix of results, but overall I'm quite happy with how we played this month. We started with a terrific 4-0 win against 3rd place Podbeskidzie, an unexpected result to say the least. Joel Huertas, our box to box midfielder, snatched two great goals and we played them out of the park. We then followed that up with three 1-1 draws, two of which we squandered leads in. Straus scored a bizarre own goal late on in the game against LKS Lodz which was frustrating. We then finished March with an absolutely astonishing win away against Raków Częstochowa, the team top of the table. We were absolutely dominant and they couldn't handle Mackiewicz on the left side. Well, we are moving up the table, but still a bit too close to the relegation zone for comfort. Next month will be crucial and season-defining, hopefully we can carry off the back of the game against Częstochowa and continue my unbeaten start as Suwałki manager.
  5. Wigry Suwałki - Winter Break 2018/19 Transfers It was a quiet winter transfer window, with one player coming into the club and none leaving. I will work with what I have for now! Alassane N'Diaye - Found him in the free agents list and he will be a very good option as a defensive midfielder who fits my system quite well. I Liga / Friendlies I had one competitive game as manager before a 3 month break. My first game in charge went better than expected as we drew 2-2 away against the 2nd place team in the league. Then came the midseason break, where I played a lot of friendlies and tweaked the tactics based on the result. Currently, I'm using this 4-3-3. I go in with a cautions mentality when we are underdogs and a positive mentality when we are favorites. Its done well in the last few friendlies, so hopefully that can translate to league form. Youth Intake We had our first youth intake at the end of February, and based on our facilities I wasn't expecting much. We got a few decent players though. Daniel Karalus - Nothing special, but could turn into a pretty good midfielder one day. Bartosz Prolejko - He has the technique of a donkey, but his decent pace and determination give me a little bit of hope. In the month ahead, I get into my first stretch of competitive games as Suwałki manager and I'm feeling pretty optimistic about the squad this season. We have just the league to focus on and need to consolidate and comfortably avoid relegation.
  6. Mauricio looks brilliant for a 19 year-old. Great journey so far, just caught up with this and you've done incredibly well! It will be interesting to see how you raise the standard of football in Cyprus over the next few years as you become more successful in Europe.
  7. New Club - Wigry Suwałki History | Facilities | Finances | Squad | League Position (14th) It has taken until November to find a job, but we are now underway! Wigry Suwałki are a side currently in the 2nd tier of Poland. The club is in northeastern Poland in the city of Suwałki, which has a sizable population of 70,000. This is a club that has a solid foundation for success and I hope I can take them to the next level. The stadium has a capacity of 2,900, which should be plenty for at least the first few seasons. The facilities are nothing special, but the club's finances are stable and it holds a professional status, which is a great level to start the save at. I'm taking over with just one game to play until a 3 month winter break where I can build a tactic and sort out the team. The biggest issue at the moment is that while the squad is balanced, it is filled with loaned players who will be gone next season. Literally all of our best players are on loan from Estraklasa sides, so I have quite a bit of work to do next summer (if I don't get sacked before then). Season Objectives I Liga | Finish Mid-Table Puchar Polski | Already Knocked Out The league is the sole focus for this season and the board expects a mid-table finish. We are currently 4 points clear of the relegation zone and I need to ensure we stay clear of it and I should be fine. This season will just be about sorting out a philosophy and tactic before I can rebuild the squad in the summer. I will come back with an update after the winter break and transfer window, and I look forward to getting stuck in!
  8. This looks interesting, I'll be following!
  9. Introduction After years of reading career threads, I've finally decided to make an account and give this a go. My name is NF7 and I'm buzzing to get started on this save. I haven't actually had a long-term game since FM15, but will be changing that with this thread. What will this be? A typical, unoriginal, classic journeyman save. I'll be playing exclusively in Europe, moving where I please, and trying to play the game realistically. Inspiration for my update style will be largely based off my favorite threads by TomTuck and SRL88, as those are the ones that first got me into reading this forum and were fantastic careers. Leagues Loaded England | League Two France | Championnat National Germany | 3. Bundesliga Italy | Lega Pro (Serie C) Spain | Segunda División B Portugal | Liga II Holland | Dutch Tweede Divisie Belgium | Derde Klasse (3rd tier) Poland | I Liga (2nd tier) Hungary | Nemzeti Bojnokság II (2nd tier) I want my first job to be out of the top 5 leagues and hopefully somewhere like Hungary or Poland, where I've never managed before. Meet my manager, Luca Romano, a 33 year-old Italian. I've given myself professional experience at the local level and no coaching badges to start off. I'll be starting at a low level, but not the complete bottom of the barrel. The only language spoken is Italian, but by the end of the career, I'll have hopefully picked up a lot more. Objectives My only real objective is to enjoy the save, anything else is a bonus. I want to make this long-term and hopefully win a lot of silverware, but how it happens just depends on where the game takes it. I'll be making an effort to play defensive, counter-attacking football throughout this career as that's a style I haven't tried much but would like to give it a go. It would be cool to build a team similar to Mourinho's first Chelsea side, which rarely conceded goals and was devastating on the break. I hope you enjoy reading this career! I'm looking forward to getting back into this game and reading some of the newer FM19 threads. Wish me luck!
  10. O'Halloran looks like he could be a decent center back one day. Good read so far, I'll be following this!
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