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  1. Starting a FM21 Draft League to play on Thursday/Friday (11.00-17.00). You will need to be a manager of players as the squad will be chosen from UK and Ireland based players valued up to £20m, and the major limitation will be a budget of only £100m!! to select your squad. Anyone can manage with the superstars but can you guide a squad of relatively average players to the top? Search for my Server or register your interest by mailing davedoggfm@gmail.com
  2. I am trying to create a league with one original team duplicated 23 times to have 24 teams with different names but the same players in each team. I have managed to do this in the editor as each team shows the same player names and attributes etc under different id's. When I play the game the player squads of 23 of the teams(with duplicated,new id's) do not show the players names although all other data is present. Am I missing something ?
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