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  1. First season La Liga: Finished 4th in a close battle with Valencia for the Champions League spot. Copa del Rey: Winners Second season (ongoing) La Liga: Currently 2nd place, chasing Atletico Madrid. Got Real Madrid and Barcelona few points behind, 12 games left to play. 5th spot is already far behind, so Champions League will return to San Mamés. Copa del Rey: got kicked out in the round of 16, by Levante. A bit unlucky, but was rotating too, to get the youngsters some playing time. Champions League: Survived a group with Bayern Munich, Spartak Moskou and Monaco. Lost to Porto 2
  2. I see your balance is some more than 7M, but your transfer budget is 19M. Could you let me know if your balance is raised in te coming months, maybe thanks to TV money? Just asking because I'm in my first season too, and I'm seeing my balance becoming smaller and smaller too... Hope that I can get some players (especially Merino) in the summer transfer window.
  3. I'm in January first season, and for now, Guruzeta is doing quite OK to be honest... 7 goals en 7 assists in 15 games ain't too bad actually. Still I hope there comes a striker wonderkid as a newgen throught my youth, to be honest! Anyone has bought the 16-year old Pelayo Morilla at the start of the game? Does he develop well? Gave him a lot of playing time?
  4. I'm new to this forum, and I'm actually new to playing with Athletic Club. I started my game last week, and for now, I'm really enjoying it. It's nice to see a other peoples stories. I'm still in the first season, but how are you guys signing Merino? Ruben Pardo was transfer listed in my game, and still he wouldn't talk about a transfer? I'm having some trouble getting Aduriz to score. Anyone else using Guruzeta up front? I'm using Inaki on the right wing, but he is an option for the striker position too. Anyone is doing that? Thanks!
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