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  1. I've put holiday mode until season 4 and seems that fixtures look correct now. Is this just a season three issue then?
  2. I have the same issue, third season (first in prem) after World Cup, I've played Liverpool twice at home and Manchester United twice away. Game Version is: 1476964.
  3. Every time after I've had a team meeting, my starting (squad) is different to the last game played for some reason, reverts to a formation I didn't use in the last game....really frustrating as I have to then refer back to the schedule to see who started. I'm also finding players that are injured put in the eleven then unable to remove them, essentially have to rebuild my team each game....am I doing something incorrect? played the game for years and never had such issues.
  4. I have the same issue, as well as home and away team's listing being the wrong way around by default.
  5. Yes, same Steam account. I had no issues when used to do it on FM19, but for some reason won't let me save on my Mac, then continue on the PC for FM20. If I save a new cloud file on the PC, that files shows up on my Mac still, but no use carrying it unless only use one advice from now on in.
  6. I'm able to save via the Cloud from my PC game (...in the lounge of my house) & the save game file shows on my Mac via the Cloud, runs fine. However, if I run the same game on my Mac, the save on the Cloud doesn't then sync up to the PC.....any suggestions why that might be?
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