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  1. good one My lazio play crazy good. extremly offensive. make sure forwards are good with ball
  2. in italy u dont have reserve leauges. just u20
  3. biggest fm 2010 wins

    11-0. cruz made 7 for my lazio in an 4-3-3 targetmen role
  4. i never seen threads like this before. only when 2006,2007,2008,2009 came out ..... as long as no super tactics are posted on forums everyone complains..
  5. u won 13 in row? and complain you dont play better? ?? find a team IRL that wins 13 in row .. lmao
  6. [Released] Steklo X

    i am waiting, looks good
  7. argentian teams have very poor economy IRL. they gotta sell their best to pay wages for good players each year. altough sometimes FM researchers do a poor job when for example Gago moved to real madrid for a huge sum from boca. But in FM it was not implemented at all the player just moved and Boca Juniors got exactly same economy before as after patch when they moved him. They tweaked ticket prices in south america as boca and river got to rich with big stadiums and huge crowds. Defoult ticket prices for Boca when u start game is 5£ and as a small club in italy can easy have 20-30£. So even with 6 times as big average attendance the clubs will generate the same amount of cash from ticket sales.
  8. its very easy to keep him. when game starts just offer him an new contract for key player. he wants very low wage just increase the terms slightly for him. there is no way he will accept betis bid if u have him on key player and long contract
  9. its always been like that. i played boca every year since cm3 97/98 and players like tevez higuan and the rest have always been super crap. untill they sign for real madrid or some english club and then they get a huge boost with at least 10 points to add to many attributes. The argentinian researchers are either very lazy or realistic with their settings but they never never overrate players like english scotish and some other researcher do EVERY year.
  10. hi johannes! hows iceland? my watercarriers with livorno seson 5 is http://img359.imageshack.us/img359/6184/zuchu.jpg http://img151.imageshack.us/img151/2735/bolzoni.jpg zuchu is my 1sts choise as bolzoni have a tendency to get yellow cards to often. both are very good though. won Serie A in a multiplayer game with these players.
  11. gustieguy u gotta have a very good balance to get new stadium. and also most important is very very high average attendence with as many games sold out as possible.
  12. Takayuki morimoto

  13. how did u get bojan ? lol with the bug in .02 patch where he go to free transfer?
  14. zarate doesnt perform well for me at all. 10 goals mayby in 30 games from start and 20 subs on that. but i love him irl so i keep him <3 bolzoni play very solid. hes good in defense and work hard cover ground and take back balls on midfield both up in pitch and infront of own defence line.