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  1. I've started two new games recently and have experienced this bug on both games; So I bid for a player, the club accepts bid, then I agree terms with the player.... instead of offering me the choice to complete transfer I get a news message stating the same player has "signed a new contract" with my club. So the player I bidded for has been processed as a contract extension rather than a new signing; which meant I got them for free. Not sure what I'm doing to trigger this bug; but if anyone knows please tell me so I can avoid it... kind of takes the shine of signing a big name signing, when I'm essentially stealing them.
  2. Maybe, but I'm sure he was in the game when I first started playing it. Have only noticed now because I've recently started a new game with a L2 club and was looking for good young talent to loan, and could not find him.
  3. Pretty sure he was, he is in the wonderkid list on fmvibe.
  4. Does anyone know why Arsenal U18 Joel Lopez has vanished from the game?
  5. Thank you for explaining it further, I completely understand now. I've played the above game through past the transfer window, and most of the clubs mentioned above did end up spending 50mil plus (regardless of what the transfer budget was saying). Like you say I guess that's one of the pitfalls of using the editor. Thanks again for clearing this up.
  6. Thanks Marc, so the richest clubs in the world have money (as their financial status states) but no transfer budget for the new season, any ideas why? As mentioned, I received no increase in my transfer budget between the end of the last season and the beginning of the current season... could it be that all the clubs also did not get an end of season payment to them?
  7. I've only noticed it at the beginning of the current 2021/22 season. The 3 previous seasons I did not encounter this. Attached is a save from 5th Jul 2021, sorry don't have one from just before starting the new season. Real Madrid at this point have spent 28mil, and have no money left. But Man Utd, Chelsea, Barcelona, Athletico Madrid for example all have either no or very little money and have not spent any so far on transfers, just loans and free transfers. Bayern Munich only have 1.8mil. fm_save3.zip
  8. Just started my 4th season on my current game, and started to get ridiculous bids from Barcelona (such as 13mil for Sancho, who is currently valued at 82mil).... After a while I wondered why, so using the editor I noticed Barcelona had £0 transfer budget. I started to check other teams and started to see a trend. Just a small selection of others with no money (Real Madrid, Athletico Madrid, Chelsea has £884k, Man Utd 2.57mil, Bayern Munich 1.88mil). Non selected leagues (such as Italy seem unaffected). I seemed to start the new season with the same budget as I ended the last season with (despite winning the league).... so I'm down 50mil at least too. Could it be possible that no clubs received revenue for the start of the new season? Anyone else come across this?
  9. Here is another save from earlier on in the season (before I started giving new contracts as 'Rotation' to get around the issue). In this save Sancho, Hernandez and Bellerin are all unhappy with the amount of football they are getting. Back in Sept there was a news story about Sancho not being played, despite him only missing a few games at the time. I defended player, saying he was still part of my plans.... which for some reason the board did not like... I'm really enjoying the new update as it forces rotation more, and I find it much more challenging during packed schedule times and towards the end of the season... but if I can't rest any First Team or Key Players through fear of making them unhappy, then I'm forced to use the editor (which kinda defeats the object). I only rest them for Carabao Cup games, whenever their condition is below 97% or whenever 'needs a rest' or 'is being overplayed' are shown under training. fm_save2.zip
  10. Save attached. Note; I have since offered Sancho and Donnarruma new contracts as 'Rotation' rather than 'First Team' to get around this issue. fm_save1.zip
  11. Seem to be having issues with players wanting to leave after being rotated. For example; Bellerin (currently set to First Team) was rested for a league match due to condition being around 95%. The following match was Carabo Cup, so as normal I played mostly 2nd team. Him missing these 2 matches prompted a press question about wether he is still part of my plans; I responded with the 'still part of my plans' answer.... but that seemed to trigger him now wanting to leave to get more football. **not wanting to stuff up my current save, I fixed his unhappiness with he editor** Just can't see this happening in real life. Fair enough if I start giving him the Ozil treatment and start leaving him out all the time... but this just seems an overreaction, as I always play him unless his condition is low. Can anyone advise on how many games players expect to be played depending on Squad Status? I.e would Key Player be 95%, 1st Team be 85%, Rotation be 70% etc etc Had the same issue with Sancho, he was playing all matches and he was constantly unhappy with not playing enough football....?? To put it in context Donnarruma is set as Key Player and has been rested for a few games, but has no issue with the amount of football.
  12. I'm getting this issue with Mateu Morey and Fabio Silva
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