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  1. A feature I would like to add: when loaning a player from club, at the end of the loan period you can report back to the parent clubs manager, with how the player has got on. 1, the player showed great promise and played well would love to have him back next season. 2, think this move has come a bit early for him, next season may be better for him 3, the player hasn't trained well and his attitude disappointed us There are many different responses you could have for different players and loans e.g young player getting first team experience, a player recovering from a serious injury, a player in need of first team action.... Be a good feature will improve manager interaction and would reflect real life.
  2. A few minor things that i think would improve the game for me and hopefully a few others 1, On the manager stats screen as well as having trophies and leagues won, i would like how many promotions and relegations you have had as a manager. 2, When loaning a player and the loan has finished be able to send a little report back to the manager saying how well that player has performed over the course of the loan. Also when loaning a player get the reports back on your players, and at any one time ask the manager how he is performing.
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