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  1. I got lucky and got a Brazilian team with a good youth set up I have had one incredible prospect player come through from there and a few prospective first teamers who have since joined the first team or been sold for a decent sum.
  2. Awesome been a while since I checked in good job as usual any chance we can see a screenshot of your manager attributes please? Edit - Finally decided to give this kind of challenge a go, made a huge error though I didn't set a team to start I just started unemployed so now I am holidaying till someone loses their job lol. Restarted when it became clear no one wanted me and picked the team predicted to finish last in Argentine first divison Gurani Antonio Franco.
  3. carlos1879

    FM15: Good Goalkeepers

    Tip for those trying to sign Valdes, I signed him in my first season as Sunderland, I offered him a contract and he wanted way more than I could afford (120k ish I believe) so I offered him a trial hoping I could somehow persuade him to join, amazingly he accepted the trial and I noticed he wanted to be a coach when he retires so I told him he would make a great coach and he offered to start there and then. Towards the end of his trial I offered him a contract again and he wanted a player/GK coach contract for a rather nice 11k a week. So try and get him to start coaching and then he may accept less (bloody good coach too 3 and a half star to start but improved quickly after a few qualifications.
  4. In my game Tottenham decided to build their own stadium a 56k seater in 2018, they rather amusingly named it New White Hart Lane how imaginative.
  5. As said above my AssMan is great at training but useless at taking the team he seems to lose every friendly even against tiny opposition (he lost to our U18s this season lol) and his team selections are just bizarre I let him have league cup game and he dropped my best CM and decided to replace him with a 16 year old no hoper despite having plenty of options there including a few youth players with much better prospects. As soon as I find a better guy hes gone, plus he has been trying to do his continental pro licence for what seems like ages but I get a message each week saying he is struggling and has been given more time.
  6. Sorry about not replying I was without my internet for awhile, thanks to a nice group of injuries I was left without any suitable AM's and switched to a 5-3-2 WB formation and it is going a lot better and the dithering problem cleared up after awhile still unsure what caused it to be honest players would see options but just stand around for a bit instead of passing even if there were options open.
  7. So my tactic revolves around retaining possession by short simple passing whilst I have the ball and high pressing when I don't that is the theory anyway and sometimes it works and sometimes goes disastrously wrong but always seems to make the same few mistakes so I thought I would post here to find out whats up. So the team SK(S) FB(S) BPD(D) CD(D) FB(S) RP(S) BWM(D) AP(A) EG(A) DLF(S) AF/P(A) So obviously its 4-3-1-2 I tried using a DM instead of an AM but I don't really have a decent DM at the moment but have a great AM. Positions SK - I decided on SK in the hopes that he would do as it says on the tin and lurk on the edge of the box to defend against long balls, in reality however despite him having good stats for a SK he never moves further out than the 6 yard box. Secondary problem told him to roll it out and short distribution to help with possession however goes for big boot everytime. FB's went with wingbacks at first for width but they never seemed to track back in defensive situations which caused problems. BPD/CD both on defend to help with playing offside trap as we play high up, BPD has good passing and technique CD has good passing too. Problems BPD is fine CD despite having good passing (12 I believe) and being set to pass shorter goes for big boot everytime (if I switch the two around they switch my onetime cool CB now goes all John Smith's for England and my former hoofer turns into a passing machine. RP(S) players best position and he does well both defensively and in attack. BWM (D) to protect the defence and provide a bit of aggression in midfield, pro's great interceptions, cons despite having high aggression bravery and tacking and being set to get stuck in mostly prefers to just back pedal from oncoming opposition until the get bored and seemingly wander past him. (seems to be a team problem though no one tackles until the get into the box) AP(A) not too sure on this one but my best 3rd choice CM is best at this and provides a bit of a threat. Note the RPM and AP both are set to run wide to help with width seems to work. EG(A) Works brilliantly assists like no ones business. DLF(S) works well holds up ball well (sometimes too well more on that later) picks out good passes gets plenty of assists and key passes and a few goals from long shots. AF(A)/P(A) Use AF for my first choice ST and he bangs them in for fun use poacher for my fall back guy or last 20 minutes as he can score and run but not much else works well especially against tired defences. Team instructions Shorter passing - for possession did used to have retain possession but players seemed to go overboard and just stand still with ball for extended periods Play higher up - for pressing Press more - obvious really Get stuck in - vain attempt to get my players to actually put tackles in. Play offside - works quite well due to quick back 4. Work ball into box - For possession Tight marking - Got some good markers thought would help with set pieces. Strategy - generally switch between counter and control. Main problems - Reluctant to actually make tackles not sure if this is a bug or not though as my players generally just back peddle till they get the opportunity to give away penalties whilst opposition make crunching tackles ASAP even players with high aggression bravery and tackling back off, I mean Lee Cattermole shies from tackles something definitely wrong there. Dithering - Players sometimes dither on the ball so long opposition players simply stroll up and walk off with it, by this I mean the player could have 2+ passing options on and instead just shields the ball till they eventually lose it without even attempting to pass to a team mate 5m away in the open. Tight marking - They just don't set up my set pieces and have my best markers on tight marking and marking tall players, this usually results in them standing a few feet away from the guy they are supposed to be marking and giving them free headers. Pressing - Part of the tackling problem I guess they tend to just back peddle instead of actually putting attackers under pressure. Set pieces - Corners I have a really good corner taker 16+ in corners crossing and technique, never seen him beat the first man (including a memorable moment when he played it short to no one and everyone just stood still for a few seconds till an opposition player decided to slowly walk towards it. Free kicks DFK's he scores a few IFK's offside everytime for us goal at back post everytime for them (player set to stand on far post forms wall or wanders off instead). Throw ins I have a ridiculously good throw in taker 18 for long throws I believe however always throws it long and to the opposition never seen him actually throw it to a team mate yet, so I set throw ins to short he still goes for distance records, remove him from throw in list he still takes them and still long, put him back in list as 10th choice he will still take them long despite higher choices being available resulting in giving away possession everytime. Pro's - Possession averages at 59% I believe at the moment (had a poor run though) and we usually score some fine team move goals DLF and AF in particular work very well together and with the AM and break up defences pretty soundly. Keeper great at one on ones which is a blessing as he appears completely immobile (all my keepers do) When they actually tackle I have a very good success rate and few fouls, same with passing usually loads more passes and great rate. Against weaker opposition we break them down effectively (except West Brom) and defend their counter attacks well (again except West Brom who are usually the only team to score more than one against us last result was 5-4 to them previously had shipped about 10 goals in 16 games) Against bigger teams we counter well and defend quite well in general (amazing when you consider no one tackles its mostly interceptions or dramatic last second sliding tackles in the box. Team is quite young (av age 21) but very talented and most of this team were part of my massive success last season (only big loss was my only good DM for stupid money release clauses 2 seasons in a row.) None seem to struggle at what position I have gave them and stats match quite nicely. Well cheers for reading chaps hopefully you lot can come up with some good advice as usual.
  8. Just read through all this and all I can think of is congratulations, doesn't really do the insane amount of trophies justice though, and Vini well enough said.
  9. Anyone figured out how to get rid of O'shea without keeping him till the end of his contract? I cant get anyone interested in taking him tried persuading him to mutually terminate as well but he just said he was happy to see out the remainder of his contract, that's a shock he's happy to sit on his backside for the next season and earn 47k a week for it. Also the loan debts get annoying the board keep using them to justify reducing the amount of money I get from transfers which has now dropped to 25% despite a healthy profit last season and champions league football to come. They offered me a new contract as well they offered 12k a week so I asked for 20k and they really weren't happy (I am happy to take the lowest for to help with wage costs but want the added job security just incase) so I asked for 14k a measly 2k more than they were offering naturally they declined and terminated negotiations immediately. Last season I finished 3rd in the league won the FA cup and the Europa league but I cant get even a tiny wage rise.
  10. carlos1879

    20+ Goal Prem Striker

    Jozy Altidore. Please someone take him
  11. carlos1879

    Awesome Regen Names

    Just found a Fabio Ubaldi but sadly he has a full head of hair.
  12. carlos1879

    Awesome Regen Names

    Frannie Ruggles Illias Illias Mark Marks Dude Are the only ones I have come across so far sadly.
  13. carlos1879

    Player interaction is a joke....

    That's what I assumed but he enjoys big matches and he is my first choice penalty taker so that would hint to me that he can handle pressure but turns out rival matches and penalties are one thing being offered congratulations is a whole different level of pressure though. Edit - In this was meant to be a reply to eple but for some reason its not letting me quote.