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  1. Anyone know when this update will be on the App Store.
  2. Everyone is calm here lad, i was posting examples for SI to look at and you came back with your tactical argument and people have responded. Clearly your not happy because your argument was proved to have no substance.
  3. Yeah good point that with regards to the press not really involving the cbs, with regards to there stamina they are both 17 so that guy can save his tactic bs argument.
  4. Ok so basically what your saying is if I was Liverpool and I played a high pressing game my players wouldn’t get jaded. Maybe I should sign Van Dijk then seeing as he is exceptionally conditioned and mentally strong as you say.
  5. In this case I think the tactic I’m using is irrelevant, this is Ramos and Koulibaly not some 18 year old rookies. Liverpool play the most aggressive pressing game I’ve seen in a long time and is Van Dijk knackered after every game... the tactic argument is nonsense.
  6. I take back everything I said about enjoying the new condition update, it’s an absolute joke now tbh. My 2 world class centre backs are jaded after every game it’s pathetic, since when has Ramos had to miss a game after every match because he is ****ed. Please update soon I’m running out of patience.
  7. Thanks for the reply mate, so is this how it’s going to be in real life? Just got to the quarter final and it’s now over 2 legs.
  8. Not sure if this is a bug, I’m in my first season in the Euro cup and I thought matches were always over 2 legs but for some reason it’s just a straight knockout. Anyone else encountered this as I’m sure in my previous saves it’s always been over 2 legs.
  9. The update is a breath of fresh air, I actually have to manage my squad now and plan ahead which is great and immerses me with the game so much more then before. Please don’t revert to before just because a few whinging people can’t be assed to look after and manage their squad.
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