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  1. I don't have any other saves going. but im now in the summer of 2021 and western European players are still retiring in November. One good thing to point out about FMRTE is you can see all players who have a retirement date in a list from the top menu.
  2. I used fmrte but only to change the retirement dates, it costs a few quid but its been around for years.
  3. The only way round it for me was to use a 3rd party in game editor. No update yet from the S.I team.
  4. @Christopher Lewis Hi any update on this?as i even found a current Gibraltarian international and club 1st pick player retire at 30 years old on this date.
  5. Google fm german national team fix 😉
  6. @Christopher Lewis save uploaded title is, Grant Simpson - Rangers upload.fm thanks
  7. Have been looking into this further and it appears to be loads of players retiring on this date, its not like they play in the summer leagues of Northern Europe and November is the end of the season.
  8. I also bid for him and got the same reply, they obviously dont wont to sell him so are pricing him out of my reach!!!
  9. Hi I don't know if anyone else has brought this up but I seem to have a few senior pros planning to retire on the 20/11/19. They are all under contract to clubs and some are still playing regularly Any ideas why this would be as a random date midseason seems an odd time to retire to me!!!
  10. Google fm19 German national team fix follow the instructions and the problem will be solved.
  11. Google fm19 german national team fix follow instructions problem solved
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