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  1. I'm sure this topic has been discussed over and over again... but the extent of late game scripting is ridiculous in this game. 3 consecutive games: 1-1, conceded a penalty in the 95th minute 2-2, they scored goals in 88th, 92th. My keeper held the ball for like 8 seconds before rolling it to the enemy forward a couple of steps away who one-timed into the empty net!!! Completely unreal. 1-1, conceded in 91th mins There was heavy no pressure in either games by the opponents, random goals coming from nothing... it feels like the AI would throw a 4 goal lead. Show
  2. I am about to get promoted for the second consecutive season with Port Vale as I have an 13 point lead over the playoff spots with 8 games left. So we will be playing in the Championship with a squad which is filled with League Two players. Current salary spend is GBP 2.6M per year which is 14th most in League One. Championship average is around 15M. The squad was competitive enough for the first promotion but I guess I need to strengthen it for Championship. I'm not renewing contract of rotation players and individually scouting poential targets with expiring contracts. So my
  3. League One team Lincoln sold their first choice goalkeeper in August. Then they sold their one remaining keeper during January. They picked a 17 years old youngster for the next 4 games but on the day of their game against me, he was playing for Lincoln's U18 side. So they ended up putting a greyed out keeper in the team. Two obvious issues here with the AI: - why is a team selling their only capable keeper for nuts? (GBP 4K ) - why is the first choice keeper playing for the U18 instead of first team?
  4. It would be impossible anyway as you don't know what formation you'll be facing you would want to set up different instructions vs AMC if it's a 4411, a 4231, a diamond etc.
  5. I haven't found any such tools within the game (other than in-game editor which I have only used once to bring back a player who I unintentionally lost). I'm curious whether the complacency and other issues will kick in, it's 30 league games into the season and morale has been sky high. The only time when some players were complacent was 3-0 up in easy games. My tactic is cautious/standard so the AI is probably not playing extreme defensively. I think people have talked about the various things which make the game easy but since you're asking: - humans are much better at squad b
  6. I purchased and used in-game editor to bring back a young player who signed with a team while me having no idea that he was able to do that (game makes no explanation on pre-contracts). I'm just wondering if there is any side effect of turning on the editor. Like, it turns on some easy mode without asking me. I haven't used it for anything else other than bringing the guy back.
  7. Are you aware that there is no difficulty settings or just trolling?
  8. I don't use any tools, neither any downloaded tactics. I haven't reloaded a single time this season. It's not that overpowering, 4th and 4th in my first two seasons, promoted via playoffs but League One is much easier for some reason. I also played almost a season in Bundesliga 3 before my hard drive crashed... led the league. Recently started a FM20 game in Serie C, only 11 games into the season but I'm leading there too. It feels that once morale is high, it's way too easy. Just look at achievements, I'm in the bottom third of FM players, others dominate more than that.
  9. I have read some discussions whether FM was easy or not. Then I looked at Steam achievements and I don't understand why its's even a discussion anymore. The base is 84% of total players (players with at least 1 win). Achievement stats of this base (FM2019): Unbeaten for 10: 85%, 10 wins in row, Manager of the Year, Most goals scored, Least conceded: around 64% Promotion 36% Unbeaten league season 29% So depending on how many players exactly start with ManCity etc., this is a super easy arcade-ish game for the majority of players. The Minecraft of sports simulation gam
  10. I try to sign a free agent, with wage budget available I set promise from important to regular player Now, board only allows me to give him 1.2k instead of the required 1.6k. This is obviously stupid because the highest earners in the squad are over 2.0 and several regulars earn more than that. if I had promised important player, I could have easily offered 1.6. However, there is no chance to change that, I need to walk away and I lost the player forever. This is unrealistic and stupid. Why do I have to promise without knowing how much the board will allow to give?
  11. Someone please help me explain. It's my FM2019 save. -- I'm playing Port Vale, starting from League Two. I finished the first season 4th on goal difference as I was tied in points with both 2nd and 3rd (promotion places). Next year, I missed the automatic promotion place again when Oldham scored a 90th minute goal in the last game (again 4th on goal difference). We dominated in the Playoff games and eventually earned promotion with a 90th minute winner in Wembley. I wasn't sure about how we would do in League One but we were predicted 13th which was a good sign. The games so fa
  12. The game is completely lacking any kind of clarification regarding pre-contract signings. To find out anything about the rules, I have to search dubious information on all kind of fan forums/Reddits, some of which are 10 years old. Lost my 20 year old RB because I have read somewhere that players under 23 are not allowed to sign pre-contracts (England, League Two). Bought the ingame editor to cancel their offer. Turns out it's impossible. Why do I pay EUR 4.5 for an editor which isn't even fully functional? It's very annoying given that the game is entertaining us with precious insig
  13. 3 straight games I have conceded in the 94th minute. Three games in a row So I think the discussion is over and we should kindly ask the developers to let us turn on or off 'scripted campaign mode' using the in game editor.
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