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  1. Thank you! I thought he had enough stability considering the RPM as someone who works covering, but I suppose his work as a playmaker does not allow him to be a sacrificed player. also thought that the IF (even in support function) was not so creative. Thanks for all the tips.
  2. I mean I need a player (or players) to attack more and not worry about creation? Like a mezzala in attack? And what do you mean by hard-workers/water-carriers?
  3. I am still in preseason (I have played 4 games), however, I have noticed that my IF and IW have little impact on the game, even Ortega y García have greater participation. ¿Tips?
  4. Excellent work!, but, I have a question: the IF and the IW do not occupy the same space ?, I mean, the half space.
  5. Thank you for this topic, it has made me rethink several concepts. I only have one question: how is Mendy's movement with, for example, Sterling? Does the accumulation start closed to support the CB and the DM, and in the last third, with Sterling in the area, does he become the widest player? Sorry for my bad english.
  6. Thanks for the help, I will comment on the results and how the game was developed.
  7. In support. In the player instructions, the IF in attack remains wider, while the AP remains more closed.
  8. I changed the IF to attack role to try to get more penetration, I guess together with the mezzala will attack enough space in front of them. I have also changed the trequartista for an advanced playmaker.
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