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  1. Here I attach the Belarc Report. I've send it via email too. Belarc Advisor - Computer Profile.html
  2. Can anyone please help me? Until now I can't play either FM19 and FM20.
  3. In FM 19 it solves the issue. But it makes my laptop lagging and slow to do anything because the outdated graphic cards drivers.
  4. No, I'm not use any custom files. I've done that steps before. But still blank when I try to launch the game.
  5. And it doesn't works in the previous one driver. But it works with the first graphic card version from the web of the laptop.
  6. When I reinstall the graphic card from the ASUS website, it's works. But my laptop feel lagging because the old version of graphic card.
  7. And for the drivers, I do reinstall and also clean install. But still blank
  8. I think I have do all of it. And still blank when I launch the game.
  9. Hi everyone. Just downloaded and installed FM20 via steam, on load though - I just get a black screen and a cursor. FYI I've tried all the fixes for similar problems on previous games: Re-Install Install DirectX Delete Cache and Preferences Folder Verifying Game Files No Antivirus except Windows Defender Graphic Cards are up to date (In FM19 I have a similiar case, it solved when I install graphic card via ASUS website. But when I updated the graphic card, the game is always blank when launch until now. So, I have this blank problem in both my FM19 and FM20) Any help would be appreciated. DxDiag.txt
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