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  1. Interesting you mention that cause I just thumped city 5-0 using that tactic as Aston Villa. Seems to work the best for me out of the lot. Awesome stuff as usual, keep em coming please! Edit: Also seems to make my wingers score a lot. Beat Shaktar 9-0 in the champions league the next game with my wingers scoring 6 of the goals, basically assisting each other.
  2. Not nearly as much, feels less like an exploit now and more like a good throw in tactic. On a different note, would it be okay to use the attacking or defensive training in place of match week when you have 2 matches in a week?
  3. I have to say, this is easily the best tactic I've used in 19.3(and I've used alot). When employed with the training, the away tactic especially just seems so dominant and satisfying. Also unlike a lot of other tactics, I don't seem to score that much from the exploits, even though they are definitely there but you aren't reliant on them. Fantastic tactic, loving it!
  4. Lol man looking like Baily playing left back, mint
  5. Tried out the conqueror but found I conceded an abnormal amount from very simple means and only scored from exploits. When I took them out, it didn't seem to work at all. Edit: All formations with IWB seem to concede so easily from crosses from the wings
  6. Awesome, mind linking the post here so it makes it easier for everyone? If thats allowed I mean
  7. The away version of this is working very well for me. Creates a lot of chances and strikers get a lot of goals. You concede an odd goal here and there but with the amount of chances created it should not be a problem. Awesome tactic!
  8. Started trying some older tactics and found 19.2.1BEOWULF424KnapP112 was working pretty well. One thing I've generally noticed regardless of formations are my full backs always seem crappy unless they are CWB. Maybe its just my players though.
  9. Never tested it in beta, but was working decently in 19.2.3. I think its the throw ins just picking up some slack as you said. Will continue testing to see what works
  10. I dunno, the 442 and 424's just aren't really working for me anymore. Team is struggling to score and gets cut open so easily. Kind of unfortunate, love 2 strikers
  11. Is it just me or does the 424 seem heavily reliant on throw in and corner exploits. Can't seem to win without them. Edit: Also conceding so much from simple square balls from the wings.
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