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  1. I managed to get Rabiot on a free from PSG so he plays DLP mainly for me and Mesa being the BBM as he's the only one suited for that role. what do you think the most important attributes for BBM are? I know they are shown in game but there are a lot of them
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I think taking the more urgent pressing and taking the higher lines down to standard will help me then and I've changed to a pressing forward and attacking midfielder A seems to be working a little better but my IF's are the ones who score my goals... still conceding a lot of goals though.
  3. Hi guys, This is my Sevilla tactic that I made but it is very inconsistent and doesn't do well against mainly the big teams in Spain, I have only beat Barcelona once which I think was a one off win. I finished 6th last year and quite a way off the others above me. My main goal scorers are my IF's and my striker was originally down as an AF but tried to change him to a Poacher to not clog up that middle area where the IF's are going into, I added get further forward for both full backs to try and spread defences when I have the ball but I'm just looking to see if anyone can see any "clashing" roles or think that I'm too attacking. I play with no OI and have my IF's on sit narrower full backs on stay wider and BBM on get further forward, shoot less often, move into channels and mark tighter. not sure if the BBM on those instructions are helping my attack at all as Roque Mesa is just average across the board on every stat. any help will be great
  4. Started a save with Sevilla finished 5th and sold Muriel, Ben yedder and mercado. Havent signed anyone since and got around 40m to spend. Anyone got any suggestions for my summer transfer window?
  5. im also struggling to get my strikers to score in almost any formation I set up. currently at Sevilla and can't get Ben Yedder any chances at all using an AF.
  6. Thanks! I see your point about the attacking but may I ask what PI’s/Roles/attack or support duties would you suggest if I didn’t want a possession based game but fast attacking phases of attack with good shots on goal and not too many of the “5” roaring towards the goals. Or is it simply a case of putting an IF on support and Mezzela on support and job done? In terms of defending what would you go with if you was a weaker team but you also needed to protect your goal but be efficient in attack when you have the ball with people “arriving late” etc
  7. I wanted to get a different tactic in other than the usual 4-2-3-1 and tried to make this work with a DM. What would you change defensively? I’ve always ever used a high press type of defence that tries to get the ball back so we have possession. I’ve only just started playing this FM after missing the past couple of years so a lot has changed. What is wrong with 4 out of 5 attack roles may I ask? Just trying to learn and get a better understanding, this wasn’t a possession based tactic as I can’t seen to master that without having 70% possession and 40 odd shots all being long shots. I don’t know how to find th right roles for that
  8. Yeah I agree but the players I have at Madrid fit the tactic even more so in my opinion with Bale, Vinicius and benzema as DLF. Also with Ramos as BPD. Only difference is they don’t have a player who can do what Pogba does but kovavic has v good stats for the role
  9. that goes up when you add players into each position, what I will add is that for some reason my AM didn't arrange friendlies so I only had 1 before the season but I've played enough games now for that to not matter as much
  10. so confused as to why my Man Utd tactic which won everything in the first season except getting beat in the CL final by 1 goal isn't working when I've moved teams to Real Madrid, literally just saved it and copied it across, but I'm sitting in 7th and bottom of CL group stages and struggling for goals and wins. Have loads of possession and shots but no wins. PI's are; STR: Close down more, roam from position RDM: take more risks, close down more, dribble more IF: Close down more, roam from position MEZ: close down more CM: dribble less, shoot less often, mark tighter DLP: tackle harder mark tighter and nothing special on the defence just take less risks and dribble less.
  11. Thank you mate. Any in particular I can take a look at? I seem to be struggling to understand how each role will affect others in a certain system for example I want to try and get a midfield 3 with mezzela or Carrielro involved but don't know if it is possible to work it into together or if I HAVE to have certain roles no matter what formation. At United my right IF isn't the strongest with no natural there so would like to change it to something different but don't know how to implement it + add PI's to ensure it works with other roles around it
  12. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and didn't want to make a whole new thread but I have been playing FM for a number of years now and I always create the same 4-2-3-1 tactic with IF's with ease and win most things when I set this tactic up. I am bored of creating this same tactic with the same roles for example CB's (BPD) CM's (DLP and BBM) Are there any other guides on how I can implement other roles such as Raumdeutur/Trequartista. I have never seemed to get mezzela or carrillero into a tactic either. any help would be appreciated guys, getting bored of using the same tactic!
  13. I’ve nearly finished my 2nd season with Lyon after winning the league 2 years on the bounce, surprisingly PSG finished 4th in the first season and were no threat at all to me, I pipped Monaco to the title by 1 point. I only bought one player in the first season in De Ligt and sold Rafael in January for 30m (thought it was a lot for a 29 year old I think he is) then went on to sell Depay for 70m after he won player of the year for me in my first season and brought back the French sensation Anthony Martial for 14m as he hadn’t played much in 2 years because of Alexis Sanchez I presume. anyone with a Lyon save managed to get the best out of Amine Gouri? He starts the save with 8-9 month ACL injury and he hasn’t improved much since. I am playing him every other game and bringing him on as a sub as he is down on a lot of people’s lists for wonderkids.
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