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  1. Sick of this game to be honest. I'm playing as Deportivo La Coruna, not the best side in the Spanish second division but one that should be challenging for the league. I'm playing a 4-4-2 diamond and my strikers have scored 9 goals between them in 30 games. I could have picked a number of PMKs, but I've chosen this one. For every goal they score they will miss another dozen chances over a couple of games. It's not good enough and is affecting my progress in the game big time. Please do something about this issue, as I know for a fact that I am one of many who are becoming extremely upset with FM20. Deportivo de La Coruña v Elche.pkm
  2. Is it just me or are there serious issues with defending on FM20? I have been playing with Cove Rangers in Scotland who I have managed to get two promotions in three years with through the skin of my teeth. But I seem to concede goals in every single game no matter how I set my team up. The opposition seem to be able to just lob the ball over the top and score every single time even though I have my defensive line set extremely low. I also seem to concede a number of goals from set pieces, with my defenders making no attempt to prevent a shot at goal. Fullbacks are equally as bad, and do not seem to block any cross into the box at all. In the rare occasion in which I have been able to win and keep a clean sheet, none of my defenders get a match rating over 6.5, even if I have won by a huge scoreline. Surely this isn't right? Another issue I seem to be having is that my players are just not following instructions. I have instructed them to play out from the back, and every time my centre back receives a pass from the goalkeeper he just boots it anywhere. I know this is often harder to achieve with lesser quality players and teams, but this is another aspect of the match engine that I find flawed. I have been an avid FM player for seven years now, and would like to think I know how to play the game, but if I am being honest I think the match engine this year is the worst one yet with the issues I mentioned above happening in almost every game. I really hope that the SI team work hard to patch this, as I know for a fact I am not alone in experiencing this. Cheers Anthony
  3. I have uninstalled and now re-installed my graphics card/drivers from NVIDIA, but when I loaded up FM19 there was no difference what so ever.
  4. Hi there I have played over 600 hours of FM19 with no problems but my game has suddenly became incredibly slow. It is taking longer than usual to start up and when it does I suffer from a huge amount of lag on the main menu. I previously had a very good estimated game speed based on the quality of my laptop. but now it seems to have dropped as low as 0.5 stars. Trying to load up a save then takes ages and it will do the same when I try to continue and click on different screens etc. I play with custom face packs etc and have removed them but the issue still stands. Help in resolving this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Anthony DxDiag.txt
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