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  1. It will get better as your progress through the levels. Just remove leagues not used as you go up and up!
  2. You probably have...I have the file for Level 12 with cups when it first released.
  3. I'm at Level 9 now with Millbridge FC (started at 12) and finally starting to average 150 attendance every league game and 500 or so for FA Cup ties. So that's what you should expect after Dan fixes the file. I will say that I've had a pretty easy go of it down this low. I try to keep my club in the bottom half of the league in terms of salary, just to give myself some restrictions. For some reason, Plymouth Argyle Under 21's are in the Western League Premier Division...didn't think that was possible. Really enjoying all of the cup ties that go along with the league games. Adds that
  4. I think the more you fill out the leagues the better. I enjoy the league cup matches as they add something different when your below L10. Go down only so far and then work on filling out the leagues and cups.
  5. OK...that doesn't explain why some teams in my division are in the Walter C Parson Cup, but I'm not...just looking for answers.
  6. I've made it to my third season in charge of Millbridge FC and promoted twice into South West Peninsula League Premier...unusually I'm not in the Walter C Parson Cup nor am I in the FA Cup...any ideas?
  7. I'm having pretty good luck with a 4-4-1-1 counter pressing tactic...you can dominate pretty easily in the lower divisions, so try not to gobble up all the decent players on cheap and use your youth players instead!
  8. Anyway to get these changes added after you've started a save? Utilize the in-game editor or anything?
  9. I'm managing Millbridge FC...didn't see a Marjon in that league. I do hold some standard...i have few staff....and a lot of non-contracts.
  10. Won the Plymouth & West Devon League (L12) ... promoted to South West Division West (L11) and have a payroll budget of $80,000. I won't complain, but it does seem a bit much for this level in football.
  11. Level 12 side has a payroll of $35,000 dollars...is that a lot for a lvl 12 side? Also, are sides at this level semi-pro or amateur? Just want to check for authenticity.
  12. Looking forward to it! Just started a save with Millbridge FC in the Plymouth & West Devon Football League.
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