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  1. Hey guys! When clicking the training page, players attributes are divided into several categories, like "attack", "defend", "physical" etc. Anyone know which attributes belong to each category? Would love to know about "Goalkeeping" as well Cheers!
  2. Thanks for the suggestions mate! Unfortunately I don't think that is my case - I'm managing Barcelona and won every competition in recent years with always with really nice trend. - When I pressed on the player's role, it actually says that he is satisfied with his role. Plus you could see that the player's morale is "Very Good". I actually played him like a first-choice keeper (I got Donnarumma originally and Alisson develops as a better GK ) in my team. Given that I am giving first-team play time to a Backup player who is satisfied with his role, it doesn't really make sense that he is unhappy. - No obvious interest from other team I tend to believe that it is a "Backup" role bug, as I got a few other players who are refusing to sign a contract extension, and they all have "Backup" role. Guess I would just avoid offering backup roles for my players in the future lol.
  3. Starting from this season, I realize that quite a few of my players refuse to sign a contract extension. An example is Alisson Becker (33 age), my first choice keeper. He is very happy with his squad status, and has very high morale. However, he is asking for a wage of 750K per week. I don't even have the option to negotiate with him - it says I am not allowed to make the offer. Apart from the fact that I could not negotiate with the player (which is a known bug now), I am also concerned that why is the player demanding a 750k wage? This is quite ridiculous as the player seems really happy but yet I could not keep him. Would really appreciate it if anyone could help. Thanks.
  4. Yeah, very glad to know that the issue is being fixed as I encountered it in my save as well. Hopefully the next update would come soon.
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