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  1. You’re probably right, I’m not a tech guy, so I probably take trust these benchmarks/reviews waaaay too much, which states that the M1 takes an performance hit emulation through Rosetta 2.
  2. My understanding is that when you run FM21 it’s through the emulation and the processor looses some speed. When they ran the benchmark through emulation the performance was around 2,4 ghz. https://www.google.dk/amp/s/wccftech.com/m1-macbook-air-x86-emulation-faster-all-mac-models/amp/
  3. Just my point, it could be seriously interesting to see how it performs IF it didn’t have to emulate the intel chips. I’ve seen the benchmark and I was impressed as well. I was waiting on Craiigmans post to see whether it would run before I ordered the MacBook. I’ve tried the A Benchmark on my MBP from 2014, and it was twice as fast. I’m really looking forward to receiving it!
  4. That actually makes perfect sense. I was wondering why the laptop with their own chip was that much cheaper, but you have a point. Still need more evidence of its performance and graphics. And it would be interesting to see how it could perform without running through emulation.
  5. I don’t really like 16 inch screens and I get the point that it is possible to get significantly better specs for a fraction of the price. I am very surprised that the M1 macs are significantly cheaper than the Intel ones. They save me the equivalent of £400 on the pro. And as you say, it hurts to spend £1.500 on a laptop just for FM and simple internet browsing.
  6. Genuinely surprised that the M1 Macs actually are close to being recommended taking their reputation in consideration. Personally I think I’m going for the pro but with 16gb ram, but there’s a couple of weeks delivery in Denmark at present.
  7. Thank you very much @craiigman. Just tried the A benchmark for my own MBP from 2014 and got 1:24, which I actually thought was decent. But I’m pretty sure I will buy the new one!
  8. That’ll be great, thanks! I read the emulation will cost a bit of power, but it should still outperform every other MacBook. So if it just runs FM21 I will retire my old MBP.
  9. Would you be so kind to quote me with how the game works on the new mac? I’m due an upgrade my self.
  10. Hi If you try FM on your new MacBook, would you be so kind to quote me if it’ll run?
  11. I asked an SI supporter in another thread, who answered that the chip was based on Rosetta 2 so should be compatible. But as you also point out there’s no clear answer on the chips performance and whether they meet FMs minimum requirements.
  12. Thanks a lot for your reply. If you be Ground breaking mean that I won’t beat the top chips from AMD and Intel, then I’m okay with that. I am not after a gaming computer, but just want to make sure the new macs will run on the new MacBook.
  13. Hi support, Will FM21 be compatible with the new MacBooks running on apples new M1 CPU/GPU and will it meet the minimum requirements?
  14. Thanks to both of you. I know i'm overpaying because it's a Macbook, i've never been happier with a laptop than i've been with this one, that's why im leaning towards a Macbook again. Do you know anything about their new M1 chip?
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