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  1. Could you upload your file, I'll have a looksee
  2. Hi folks, I'm currently trying to set the Scottish lower leagues to how they will run in real life. The east of scotland conferences will split to become a first and second division, same with the west of scotland conferences. This is set to happen in year 2. I can get the correct teams into the leagues, but for year 3, the game takes random tems for these leagues and the teams disappear. I have tried many different ways to try to fix this but nothing seems to be working. Any ideas? The file is attached. Scottish Pyramid (Accurate) FM21.fmf
  3. Hi folks, Hopefully one of you can help me................I am redoing my Scottish pyramid file and am running into a pretty mind numbing issue. For season 1, the West of Scotland Conferences have no promotion (as in real life, promotions start season 2), East of Scotland promotes 1 from each of it's conferences plus promotion playoff winner. For some reason, the editor will not recognise the playoff winner and complains "Promoted and Relegated teams do not match up". It is only at this level the issue persists. Highland/Lowland and Scottish regional premiers playoff work fine. The
  4. Just checked and no it wasn't. Annoying I missed something so small. Just going to check ingame hopefully this fixes it, thanks
  5. You can see the results of the test if you go into the competition and select test from the bottom of the menu. Has the league, league rules, and events in there.
  6. Hi folks, hopefully someone can help me with this. I have made a new database for Scotland, 20 team leagues and reworked cups. My problem is, I have found while testing it in game everything works perfectly apart from assigning squad numbers. I have the squad numbers option in the editor set to on but srill nothing. I can't think of anything else to try. Any help would be most appreciated. Cheers
  7. Cheers dallan. That's what I thought. I'll try and find a way round it. Might just mean the summer leagues aren't as accurate as I'd hoped.
  8. Hi there, I am currently building a database in Scotland including amateur and welfare leagues. The question I have regards summer football. Some of the leagues in the highlands run their competitions in the summer months. Is it possible to do this in FM if other leagues are running over the winter months. I am trying to make it as accurate as possible. The league update day is in June which is bang in the middle of some of these leagues seasons. Has anyone tried to build a winter/summer database with any luck? cheers
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