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  1. Me convincing a player offering a raise of 50% in case of promotion when my team will stay in the league forever
  2. Hi! First, thank you for your incredible job! Second, I would ask: Is it possible to change the General Allocation Money, the Targeted Allocation Money and the Salary Cap? If yes, how can I do it? Thank you!
  3. Hi @Uncle_Sam, first of all thank you for your big work! I made a little change, and I set the value of American generated player to 200, because I thought that the draft would have been very interesting (like the 2003 NBA draft). There is a little problem: few of them declare themself elegible, because most of them go to play in USL, so if I want them I have to buy. I think it could be cool if NCAA players cannot move to USL. In fact, that add some competitivity to that league, but after 3 years I'm noticing that most of the best NCAA are in USL and not drafted. How could I fix it?
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