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  1. I play a high intensity gegenpress and have been thinking of doing this, as in a previous save my players were shattered and began losing games.
  2. Just started a save with Derby. I'm 7 games in and currently second in the league, with only two points dropped and a win streak of 6. The teams playing bloody great at the moment, we're the highest scoring team with 20 goals, and Marriott has already got seven for himself. with WIlson chipping in four. We usually have around 20 shots at goal per game, seem to be not the greatest at finishing - but we're winning, so thats all that matters. Worried that we'll soon run out of form though as the rate we're scoring and creating chances doesnt seem sustainable. In terms of transfers, I didn't do much as I am quite happy with the squad and am willing to use the youth teams if we need to. Only player I bought in wasL Lucas Piazon from Chelsea for 400k. Havent sold any players - but Joe Ledley is out on loan as well as some youngsters. One of the main areas I've been focussing on improving is the staff - the Derby County coaches, scouts and youth coaches/managers seem to have pretty poor stats for a team with such excellent facilities - so there has been a few comings and goings. I'm going to look at increasing my scouting pool and bringing in as many youngsters with high potential as possible so I dont have to rely on signings/loans in the Prem (if I ever get there).
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