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  1. Hi Hugo, Very happy to say that the Sunderland save is recovered. I did all the instructions you guys gave but I was only able to run it when I set the NVIDIA to high performance regarding Steam. Unfortunately I still have only the one star graphic. that is very strange because before all these bugs I had 5. Is there anything I could do? Thanks again!
  2. Hi Hugo, How may I confirm that? The Intel is also updated. thanks!
  3. Hi Hugo, I've already updated the NVIDIA graphics. Also, I've started a game without the database and still have the problem. Dxdiag attached. thanks again! DxDiag.txt
  4. Hugo, I've uninstalled FM19 completely and tried to run the game and I still can't go through the day. I noticed that now FM gives me only one star to the 3D capacity. Anything I can do? thanks!
  5. Hi Hugo, That it weird. I'll test without it! The logos it is understood, but how can I load the game without the database? May I simply go there, delete the database and load the file? Thanks again!
  6. Hi Hugo, thank you for the quick response! It does not crash in the loading process. It crashes when you try to advance to the next days. Does it work for you?
  7. Hi Guys, I'm having problems with a Sunderland save. It crashes when passing through Januay 3rd to January 4th. I passed through all the soluctions you guys mention here at the forum (cleaning cache, deleting preferences, updating NVIDIA drivers) It is important to mention that I don't have any crash dumps in FM2019 file. I have a pack of logos and a Custom Brazilian Data base upload. I've uploaded the save file in the cloud: Paulo Carvalho - Sunderland.fm Thanks!
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