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  1. I see that everyone happens, is there any solution to this problem? (FM 2019) All managers are bald
  2. I clarify that the team I lead is Boca Juniors. Either way it happens with all the teams except with your coach.
  3. Hello Hugo! Here you have two more files! I hope that in the next update it will be solved! Thank you Boca Juniors - Vélez.pkm Liga de Quito - Boca Juniors.pkm
  4. Thanks for the reply Hugo Exactly! the spray is not seen in the free kicks!
  5. Greetings to all! Could it be that he does not see the spray used by the referees in the free kicks? Or the problem is mine?
  6. Thanks for the reply! I'm watching many Youtube videos and they all have the same problem on FM 19. It's definitely a mistake of them.
  7. Not work. All the managers are bald. I don't understand how such a simple error can't be modified. In FM 18 never had a problem
  8. Thanks for the reply. I use the FM 19 and saw all the youtubers that the same thing happens to him. Does not it happen to you?
  9. The bug that all managers are bald except handled for human. An error of M.E. Any solution?
  10. @Neil Brock here attached two more files .pkm
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