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  1. Yeah, I've always found that to be pretty stingy, although it's probably only meant to highlight the fact that you talk to your players one-on-one a lot.
  2. The wide one doesn't look too bad on paper - however, you are asking them to exploit the middle which in large excludes a player on either side. I'm thinking that you should perhaps remove this instruction, or if you want to keep it, ask them to play narrower in order to involve them more.
  3. It's not that different from the tactic up there, really. Firstly, use a striker with an attacking duty instead. Secondly, instruct the BBM to get forward more often. Thirdly, the mentality should be control (or attacking, if you feel daring). The instructions are: Work Ball Into Box (prevent too many long shots), Shorter Passing + Retain Possession, Drop Deeper (to compensate slightly for two high backs and only one anchor). If you have a collectovely creative team, use Fluid. If not, stay Balanced. I think that's it. Typing from my phone right now so I don't have the tactic handy, but that's the jist of it
  4. Because we play different tactics. And I get it, if I play a different style of football that doesn't primarily rely on 1v1s, yes, I'll probably score more. But the orginal question (the one in the GD thread) wasn't "how do I score more goals?", rather "Why can't my players score 1v1s?". I was asked to make a thread here, and I did just that. Then I realized that your run-of-the-mill 1v1s in general are really hard to score from (for both teams) , and abandoned this thread to start discussion back in the GD thread again.
  5. Of course, I started this thread with a motive so I'm going to post one of mine: I believe the version was FM 10 or 11. I had started out with Southampton in League 1, and within seven years, I was in the Champions League. My team wasn't the greatest, but they had great chemistry and always put up a fight, no matter the opposition. I had managed to squeeze out of a tough group ahead of Bordeaux with one point, and fought my way past Inter in the Round of 16, winning on penalties. Then followed some really lucky draws against inferior teams in the quarters and semis, before the final, big test: The final against a VERY powerful Real Madrid. On the Bernabeu. Here's the kicker; The season before, Real Madrid had let a cracking 21-year old winger by the name Alfredo go on a free transfer. Now, he might not have been good enough for their first team: his pace and physique was world-class, but the rest of his game wasn't nearly as impressive. Mostly, he was useful for his workrate and his ability to get down to the line and cross. Still, free talent for me and I scooped him up. He quickly became a solid player for me and now he was returning "home" to show his former club what a gem they let go... I did not think I would win the game. I sat back constantly with seven players, among them Asmir Begovic in goal and Steven Taylor and Brazilian Leo on center back, and I barely even managed to bring the ball to their side of the pitch. The barrage was intense all through the game, but in the 84th minute, it was still 0-0. That's when Alfredo got the ball to his feet, wide right, just past the halfway line. And then, out of nowhere, he cuts inside. He dribbles past their pressing back...then their holding midfielder...and he starts running at the defence, I'm thinking, okay, he's going to try and play through to the striker and then Real are going to clear the ball. But no, he dribbles past both centre backs, AND the left back who's come back for more, then proceeds to CHIP it over a helpless Iker Casillas. 1-0, and it would stay that way until the final whistle. Alfredo ensured that Southampton won the Champions League that night, for the first time in their club history, and instantly became a club legend. The Saints' single, amazing shot on goal, crafted out entirely by him in a spontaneous move he'd never even attempt again for the rest of his career is something I'll never forget.
  6. I think it's safe to say for myself (and a lot of others) that FM is the game series that I've sunk the most hours into. Some saves have just flown past while others are more memorable...and then there are those single matches that just stick with you way after you've gone to the next version. They just made you feel...so much. Of course, wether you were dancing in joy and waking the neighbors with your celebrations or just erupting with curses and roars, smashing your laptop and strangling the cat in rage is unimportant. The match might still be memorable. So, what are the stories of your most unforgettable matches?
  7. Which is why I've decided to shelve '14 until the next patch comes through. Trying to circumvent "playing attackers centrally" as if it were a common mistake should be a non-issue. I appreciate the help you're trying to give me, but again, I don't really need it. The problems you're adressing aren't really problems, for me. My defense is tight, my two CM's have personalized instructions to ensure they cover ground backwards if we lose the ball and while I agree with you on the lengthwise stretch of opponents with a more attacking striker, again, this only causes more straight-on-goal 1v1s and I think we've both come to the conclusion that it's simply not a viable strategy...
  8. Jumping the bandwagon of retraining. Most AMC's can be retrained to the positions around them. In general, if you retrain them as attackers, practice their finishing, if you retrain them as wingers, their crossing/pace, as MC's, put them on a heavy box-to-box regime.
  9. Through-balls, 45 degree layoffs and shots just outside the box. Through balls result in 1v1's, which aren't really working unless they're from an angle. 45 degree balls have always been difficult to pull off but, I feel they're trying when they get into the positions (at which point the shot is usually blocked or saved). Long shots are a different story, but have never been something you could rely on anyways Who makes the pass from deep isn't really important, could be a stretched ball from the central midfielders or a short probe by a more advanced player. Otherwise, the "route" there should primarily be through one-twos, triangle- and square-plays.
  10. Ah, I meant the offensive midfielders and onwards as those are the guys who get into 1v1 situations, primarily. Just an experiment, really.
  11. If you're talking "new" as in "new for this version", I see what you mean. Otherwise, I've never experienced it before, and I've been playing the games since the mid-days of Championship Manager.
  12. I've come to discover that I have an extra problem here due to having started out with a semi-pro background. They just don't like my team-talks, and they don't like playing for me. Luckily, some key players like Shaw, Romero and Lallana are warming up to me and it's You're not the first to suggest this, and I've had some success with keeping the same tempo but giving up possession. I'm not happy about it, but while it generates FEWER chances, it also generates a larger variety. That, and while the 1v1's are still mostly being wasted, the others are scored surprisingly frequent.
  13. Posting here again at the following request in GD: My 4-3-1-2 tactic has usually been my go-to formation in all the FM games, because it fits well with my preferred ideologies. I tried it in my Southampton-save as an alternative to the first one when it didn't work, but I don't really have the players to pull it off. My side-oriented central midfielders lack the combination of creativity and ground-coverage that I need and my AMC options do possess both creative ability and goalscoring ability (then again, who knows about that last one, eh?). You wonder if there's someone to make play from deep: generally, that'd be job of the two CM's that aren't the anchor. Still, as I said, Romero and Cork just aren't good enough. I've reverted back to the starting formation, the narrow 4-2-3-1, and I've altered the instructions quite a bit: So that's my standard formation right now. The instructions are to Drop Deeper and Work The Ball Into The Box. Results-wise, things are going better, but I'm not happy about it cause' my team isn't playing the kind of football I want them to. Things mostly happen on the break now, they still miss just about every 1v1 chance, and I spend most of the time sitting back, watching the opponents burn 1v1's like I did.
  14. Now that's a result San Marino can be proud of! (What are you trying to prove though?)
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