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  1. Sorry for the late reply but I have just come across this in my lower league save as well. Playing in the vanarama national league and an amateur team has just been promoted into the same league. I noticed in the season preview they are predicted to get promoted once again and had a little dig into their transfers to see what's what. Turns out they took 4 players who had been previously released by a championship side and by first glance these are league one/two quality players, well above their station. Their club reputation is on par with mine so sure why the players would be willing t
  2. Can someone let me know if I'm doing something wrong in setting up the assignments? Am I the only one with this bug? I set up the assignment for 'any' player type and it reverts back to squad player. I've tried messing around with setting different criteria and it always shows squad player. Why do I never get responses when I post on the bug section of the forum? Fair enough if you're taking your time looking at this but I would appreciate if you could let me know if this is a mistake on my part
  3. Every time I set up a scouting assignment, it defaults to squad player even though I didn't specify the player type. The only criteria I set was the country/region and potential ability to superb. The file I saved to the cloud is Gills.fm Cheers
  4. I noticed the same bug too! Except I just thought Levy was being extra kind to me. Somewhere down the line the expectations changed back to qualify for champions league though. I didn't get the usual notification from him of do you want to change your expectations to adjust the transfer budget. I still haven't really taken to Bergwijn in real life so it didn't pain me to let him go. I'm just ruthless like that lol. I like how you disabled the first summer transfer window. The squad is pretty good as is and don't think my transfers have added a lot apart from Livakovic and Gouiri. D
  5. Unfortunately I am really reliant on Kane on goals; that's why I really struggle when he's injured and treat him like a baby. Saying that Amine Gouiri does a nice job when Kane's injured and averages around a goal a game in the advanced forward position but sometimes it's not enough for the win. He scored 18 last season either in the AML/AF position. I would definitely look to buy him as he's so cheap (£11.5m) and a big upgrade on Vinicius. I would look to do this before Brexit kicks in otherwise you might struggle with a work permit. Probably not making the most of Sonny- he only scored
  6. No problems mate. Hope this helps. This is the side I use for pretty much all premier league matches home and away (I play the kids/squad members for CL, cup etc.). For the first season I had Alderweireld in place of Garcia in defence and Winks did a great job as BWM instead of Luis. I haven't really used Bale at all; I fell out with him over training efforts. Doherty did ok for me first season but then had a dip in form so I replaced him with Tanganga who has been training well. My purpose behind this tactic was to keep possession and get the ball to Kane. When I had him on the CF
  7. Hey everyone! Just finished my second season (won league and champions league) and thought I would post my thoughts here : 1st season Lost the league by one point to Liverpool. I lay the blame completely on Gary Southgate who injured my main boy Harry Kane during the international break. He was out for the final 2 months of the season and the form was quite ropey to say the least during this period. Also lost the league cup final to Leicester. Transfers in: Livakovic - £9.75m. Won goalkeeper of the year twice in a row. Great upgrade on Lloris. Talles Magno -
  8. Summary Cannot set up scouting assignment for Japan as country is not showing under Asia. Description of issue Playing as Tottenham and don't have any scouting restrictions that I can see. Recruitment package is also set to world. I've been able to scout Japan in FM20 and earlier and other smaller footballing nations like Uzbekistan are available to scout under Asia so not sure why Japan isn't listed. Steps to reproduce Go to scouting, assignments, create new assignment, scope, add competition, nation, Asia. Japan is missing from the list. File uploaded to clou
  9. I have this issue as well and am always selecting the wrong players whether in the pre match squad selection or during the match. Not sure whether it is a coincidence that we are both on Macs. Have never had this issue in previous versions of fm.
  10. I have noticed the same issue as well managing Spurs. The board objective is to qualify for Champions League and was 4th in the table mid-season but the board were disappointed that we are only challenging for the title. Not sure whether the issue has self resolved as I am currently 3rd and the status has changed to 'very pleased'.
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