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  1. heh.. there's always that risk but i'll take it. i was able to run fm08-12 on my last one, and if i gotta upgrade early, so be it. if we see a linux release of fm in the next 4 years i may be able to afford a holiday but cars where i live, well, not so much ;-)
  2. right.. you can upgrade the resolution to 1680 or 1920 but i generally don't bother
  3. Text looks great and the game just files.. but hey, I waited 4 years to upgrade and had planned on this for a while. Saved up and still got the cheaper of the two retina options. Not that i'm an apple fanboy.. it's just the best option I have at the moment. If we saw an official linux release I'd probably never get another apple machine.. or not ;-)
  4. i've just upgraded from a late '08 macbook pro (512 vram) to a fancy new 2012 retina model, and just want to say that fm12 is running great.. i'm just so impressed by the difference. with laptops i'll typically wait for as long as possible and then upgrade to the best of my ability, and this one has been a real treat. i get 5 stars in the graphics rating department as opposed to about 3. the game loads 4 or 5 times faster and my current save is out to 2024 with about 9 leagues. also, in match.. previously i'd have my fans whirling like mad for just opening the game.. now i can play an entire match without breaking a sweat. towards the end the fans get up to maybe 3k rpm but only just. it's as though they aren't needed at all. for anyone thinking about this upgrade i can't recommend it enough, and i'm planning on using this same machine all the way out to fm16 if it all works out.
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