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  1. guys i got a "problem" if you can call it like that. im using your tactic fuss im doing quite good but some weird stuff happens. so i start a match with Ronaldo (man u) and momo.. as winders.. ronnie right and momo left.. well during the game they switch positions i see ronnie on the left and momo on the right when i saw that i imediatly clicked tactics and i was stupefied i saw ronnie on the left and momo on the right.. i was like.. "wtf just happned!! " the same things happens with my fbl and winger left.. henze and momo.. they always switch .. dont know why X( heinze just gets 6's every match cus of that and momo scored 0 this seasons x( how can this be? why is my tactic switching sides all by itself? excuse my english and if i havent explained it the very best i could. cheers
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