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  1. Such teams won't make any purchases i assume ? Only sales if other teams come for their players ? Also when i selected the leagues while starting a new cm it showed around 140k player count but now 1 month into 1st season it says player count approx 240k, is that supposed to happen ? I did have "add players to playable teams" option on and "do not add key staff" off.
  2. I have loaded like 68 divisions from 50 nations on large db, and then through advanced db i included all UK & Ireland players (Using Dan's file to unlock 11 divisions of England for which he had suggested to do so). Player count at that time showed around 140k, now a month into 1st season it says 242k... is this 100k increase because i used the option of having fake players fill up the empty squads ? Anyway as you said right balance, so which db would you recommend for 60-70 leagues ? Or is my current one fine ?
  3. A question about loading national players... If i load all players of a nation through advanced database but not all the leagues of said nation, then where would the loaded players from those unloaded leagues go ? If the answer is they stay in their unloaded leagues then would they stay there or clear out in few seasons and crowd up other leagues that were loaded ?
  4. Yeah, but if i load all the players from UK and Ireland but not load all the leagues from said nations, then where would these players go ? Would they still go in their unloaded teams or crowd up other teams that are loaded ?
  5. Yeah afaik it does seem to start fine with your db. Cm started without any problem and lower divisions are showing up as they should, clubs names are long and have more league history than default.
  6. @Dan BHTFC When you say "add all players UK & Ireland" do you mean UK as in Scotland, England, N.Ireland and Wales or just England ?
  7. Hello again, thought of adding few more leagues and faced 2 more error files - Ecuador and Peru.
  8. @Timo61 Hey, Ivory Coast and Senegal aren't showing up to select when starting a new cm. Edit : Also no Ghana, The Gambia, and Zambia. Might be more missing nations but i only had selected few so these are the ones i noticed.
  9. @lionel messi Hey, do you reckon it's good to go with latest patch or does it need an update first ?
  10. @Dan BHTFC Hey tried starting new cm today with 20.3.0 patch and it's giving me this error while loading the leagues.
  11. I agree that tactical changes helps one create better and perhaps more chances, maybe even help create such sort of chances that could lead to better conversion rate upto some extent... But saying that bad finishing could be because ME is trying to tell you there's something wrong with tactics is whole different thing. It borders on conspiracy theory imo, would be highly illogical thing to add by SI to begin with. That's all i have to add so i will leave this discussion here.
  12. Just because your alterations to your tactics lead to better 1v1 conversion rate for you doesn't prove anything, it requires bigger sample to actually be relevant. Correlation does not imply causation.
  13. Agreed. Think bad finishing is a known and acknowledged issue in beta... has been this fm in general.
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