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  1. I fee like uninstalling this crap or I;m going to seriously break my computer loool I'm trying to copy your tactics, or even adapt them but I take one step forwards and two steps back. I just can't win I can't play standard depth otherwise I'm guaranteed to concede a cross. I'm resigned to defeat
  2. I've taken in all the advice I've given, which was very insightful, and came up with this. I really rate the attack and create quite a few chances, but this defe nse is still absolute dross. The FBs never pick up the opposing wingers which is the only way they score without taking into account setpieces and long shots. Maybe I'm asking too much to keep both of the best wingers in the game quiet? I took off a few instructions and used the PIs that @Ein suggested and added 'Mark Tighter to Coutinho and Dembele hoping that they would mark Robertson and Alves to stop them from crossin
  3. Thanks to your help, I've simplified the tactic a bit, and it's still unstable but better than before. I still concede goals from balls past my FBs, the rest are from long shots and set pieces. In regards to the DL/LoE, I'm not sure where to go from here because I've switched it around a little bit and if I go any lower, Liverpool tend to score from long shots The RMD logically probably wouldn't fit the tactic but in-game I've noticed that Dembele does well, around 7/10 times. Coutinho playing as the IFs could be improved as he is not running past the backline like how Mane and Salah
  4. IMO, AF is the role that scores for me the most in any tactic that I've used throughout this game. I play Messi there because he can bag, but I do miss his creative abilites. I would've though Coutinho would be feeding the RMD with crossdiagonal balls, but it doesn't work out What defensive settings would you suggest? I feel like the fullbacks on overlap would push them up against Mane and Salah to limit their time on the ball
  5. Spent about 20hours reloading this specific game, tinkering with different roles and instructions in this 41221 formation. Cannot stop Mane and Salah from running in behind my FBs no matter if I use the lowest defensive line, or anchors/HBs. It's getting sickening to the point that it's turning me off the game. Any save I do, I do well domestically until I face Klopp in the CL, and it makes me start new saves. I don't know why, but I just don't want to use anything other than a 41221 for Barca as it fits them well, but playing against Klopp feels way too much The goals are all the sa
  6. Sorry about that, I was away from my computer. I'm playing as Leipzig in the CL, this is my tactic and my squad. I'm facing Arsenal away, and I just seem to get ripped no matter if I change the mentality, wing back roles or even some defensive instructions
  7. Cannot for the life of me figure out ho to stop losing to Arsenal. Aubameyang always tears me apart even when I play on the lowest line. I try and play like the AI (narrow and low line) and they split me apart like posters on here would dream of. Always batter me with 25+ shots
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