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  1. I had a 100 rating for Savic from Lazio. I signed him for 64million.
  2. My first full season is finished, League and Champions league winners!!! I'm going to start a new challenge... it was too easy with United.
  3. I apologise if this thread has already been done, I wonder how many people have signed the same players?! Here is my 11, Pavard is the normal first choice RB, he is recovering from a broken ankle.
  4. Hi Luke, I think the game is really good so far, i will probably change my opinion when I start losing thou!Haha.
  5. I have won 6/6 in the league so far,I just best Chelsea 3-1 away.
  6. My first transfer window is compete, I'm pretty gutted I couldn't cancel the Fred transfer!
  7. Hi, im back from the wilderness. The last time I played football manager was the 2013 version. I've just downloaded the Fm2019 touch, and everything is going well. The teams I normally start with are Man utd/Roma. I've started with Man utd because the team is a complete mess, Fellani/Rojo/Valencia/Darmien/Smallig/Jones all need to go, hopefully I can rebuild with some quality youngsters.
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