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  1. I want to thank the mods here for all the replies! It's clear how much you all care and want to help make fmm19 a better game....
  2. Don't remember, but probably drag cause that's what I usually do with subs.
  3. I accidentally chose the wrong player when making a sub, changed it to the one I wanted and this happened.
  4. Substituted on a player at half time, the position completely disappeared from the team screen. Player did not sub on (he's supposed to be no 18). Third problem I've had with the game in as many days, not very happy...
  5. Now worries! You should be able to start without creating any players. Try using a different team to see it it works if not, i'd reinstall and see if it works then.
  6. Also another problem in same save. Player wants a new contract, I have very good finances and can offer like 500k per week, when I try to negotiate it won't let me do any offers at all.
  7. Promoted a youth player in June 2020/21 season. He somehow gets into supporters team of the season for previous season, look at his stats and he's got 31 appearances in the 20/21 season even though the season hasn't started yet. Save file attached. promotedplayer.zip
  8. That screen just shows you players you can make. The rest of the players will be in your team when you start the game, as it says in last screenshot 'the club has 18 players'.
  9. Hate to keep adding, but as I was playing just now found an issue with the text.
  10. Also just noticed as I was looking back through results, are goals from the same player supposed to display separately like this?
  11. Ok thanks, here are the files. mbappe_accepted.zip mbappe_rejected.zip
  12. Save files are too large to upload, I just tried it again with a new save and have a couple of screenshots. Found that it was the sell on % that was the problem, even still they accepted less money than I offered first time.
  13. 1. Transfers- I tried buying Mbappe, club didn't want to sell so I didn't have a guide price. I offered 200 million and they left talks saying offer was 'derogatory'. A week later I offer 220 million and they accept instantly, don't see why they rejected first offer and exit talks when they could've just asked for the 220mil straight away. 2. Own goals- I've played for like 50 hours, seem to be getting own goals in games very often - every 5 games or so, which doesn't seem very realistic. 3. Training- players upset with high intensity of training so I set it to low, they then complain that intensity is too low and this keeps repeating. 4. Goals- most of the goals scored seem to be from outside the box, 25-30 yards out, and while this does happen irl, Ive had games where 4-5 goals are scored from that range which would never happen. Also some own goals are completely ridiculous. I'm playing as Man city, one own goal scored was a back pass into my own net. Considering I have some of the best rated players, I don't see that happening irl. 5.Half time bug- just before half time (44th minute or so) game remains unpaused but the time stops and nothing happens. I've tried pausing and uunpausing etc, but the game remains stuck at that time and I have to close app and restart. in the 50 or so hours I've played I have only had this bug twice but still.. 6. Awards- a bit strange when a player wins pl player of the year, ends up top goalscorer but doesn't get in fans team of the season. Or similar situations with players that had decent seasons winning world player of the year over players that were clearly better.
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