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  1. All I seem to get is 5-4-1 park the bus tactics defend at all cost and score against me with 1 shot on goal to my countless shots then see them battered six nil in the next game against other AI teams how's that realistic even the big clubs do the same when in Europe
  2. The commercial side can take a while I get but to get no share of the TV money and have to survive off prize money alone which isn't great isn't right but if I took over the bottom team in the premiership I'd get it no problems
  3. I don't get any info at all or any notice of it it just goes straight into the new season but I get the end of season prize money no problems
  4. I have got promoted to the bundesliga with Kaiserslautern and been in it now for two seasons but have not been given any TV revenue at all which is leaving me at a disadvantage has anyone else had this problem
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