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  1. Hey, I've bought FM19 a couple of days ago and started downloading some League Packs, Real Name Fixes und Logo Packs. It all went fine until I've tried to install a face pack with a ton of faces. I deleted the cache and tried to reload the skin as suggested but then the game crashed and I couldn't get it started again. ("The game quit unexpectedly" - think you know that therm here already) :-( After a couple of unsuccessful attempts to fix it (Reinstalling the game, deleting the cache folder etc.) I just removed the Sports Interactive Folder and started the game again. And again: All went fine. I've added the league packs and so on again. Including the 170.whatever faces. Reloaded the skin and it crashed again. Now I've removed the Sports Interactive Folder a couple of times and started all over again (even without the faces) but it always crashes after reloading the skins. Don't know what I did wrong. Were that too many faces? But why doesn't it work without them after I started again? Hope I could it explain it understandable. Here are some of my computer details: I've already read a lot of other threads but no one could successfully help me :-( Looking forward to some expert tips. It's the first time I'm playing FM19.
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