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  1. i am thinking of a who is the greedest? players start with nothing but along the way options will give players decide which path to go and the one in the bottom can create the next decision...
  2. you can only buy players from your rivals or favorite persons club
  3. Maybe a challenge on that you can only call up to 1 player from every club for internationals.
  4. Maybe a challenge that you can only sign players from a lower rep club than yours.=p
  5. maybe add big brother solitary who want to be a superstar? Unan1mous football idol i can try to help...
  6. Bring a club to the top using all free transfers or all by same personlity?
  7. What about colonal masters taking over in the league? IT would be fun to see...
  8. http://cmfrenzy.com/football_manager_2007/fm_2007_guides/asian_football_-_a_fm07_guide_to_leagues_and_interesting_teams.html This can help in the structure.
  9. What if the clubs and countries switch every 5 years??? It might be fun...
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