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  1. And I've noticed something. If I change my saving option to every week and go on a holiday for 2 week, I can pass beyond the crash date.But that is annoying to say "please don't crash again" every week.
  2. It crashes with quick start.But if I start with advanced setup (even if I don't make any changes) I don't get crash
  3. I've done it and I get a crash again. Also it crashed with integrated card too.
  4. Also I've discovered something. Game doesn't crash with my integrated graphics card. Also game crashes directly if i want to start a new game with quick start.(with my primery graphics card)
  5. Sorry for delay. 18.3.4 custom if game crashes on a spesific date, no but sometimes it is not dependent with date.It just crashes randomly.
  6. I have formatted my pc, updated my drivers, unabled my antiviruses and unabled my windows security. Game runs on my primery graphics card with optimum power. And it still happens. Also I've tried beta version. Thanks for your help DxDiag.txt
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