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    Youth Level doesn't increase

    Hi Russell, I'll get to the end myself and see if this happens. Thanks again
  2. jaybee86

    Youth Level doesn't increase

    Hi Russell, Thanks for the quick reply. I do have a save from the day before the board ask me. I'll send it over. File name will be: Jaybee86 before board - AFC Wimbledon Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm currently 4 seasons in. At the end of every season the board asks me if I'd like to increase the youth level, which I accept and they reply saying it will be finished at the end of the season, except it doesn't and my youth level remains the same. I've tried asking to improve it during the season and I get the response that due to finances it can't be carried out (even though the club has around 800 million banked. Training facilities are all close to maximum. I've uploaded the save Jaybee86 - AFC Wimbledon to the cloud. Any idea's?