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  1. £300 but im thinking theres not gonna be one that cheap after looking above
  2. Im looking at getting a new laptop for just fm really but ive been looking at this thread and they all seem to be out of my price range whats the cheapest one people have found which will run fm the cheapest any help/suggestions would be great thanks
  3. What tactic would you recommend at salford in the national league?
  4. Villa 4-2-3-1 i need a left back wing back (s) cb ball playing
  5. Im currently in 4th season just finished 3rd with villa in prem currently using sessegnon at lb but not sure he will cut it in champions league& at cb currently usually sarr& markovic but looking to strengthen any reccomendations?
  6. What do you think is your strongest tactic to date? Im in my 4 season just qualified for champions league with villa
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