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  1. Throughout FM19, I have used this regularly to try and personalise my tactics to the opposition. I have noticed recently, however, that it really isn't useful. I'm being told to switch my mentality to 'defensive' or 'cautious' when I am playing some Romanian minnows in the Europa League... but I don't know how to change who gives me this tactical advice. I have tried to look in staff responsibilities but can't seem to find it? I'm struggling for form at the moment and have been tweaking the tactics to no avail, so would like some tactical advice from my staff that seems a bit more helpful. Any ideas? Cheers.
  2. Reading through some posts on here, I see that when the game was released there was an issue with a lack of variety in goals scored, namely long range goals. I've only recently bought the game, but I've noticed a ridiculous amount of them. It started in my friendly games, where it was one of my players who scored a few belters against weaker opposition. Even at that point I was thinking it was a bit silly. Now I'm playing league games, I am the victim of these long rangers. It's not just my own opinion either, the commentary reflects the nature of the goals with the usual 'Ooooh what a goal!' remarks. This is genuinely happening to me at least once every 2 games, but more often than not every game. It's really putting me off playing the game, notably as it has meant I have drawn 5 out of 8 league games so far. Is this a common experience? I'm thinking maybe they tried to rectify early concerns about a lack of screamers and have subsequently gone too far the other way.
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