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  1. Reading through some posts on here, I see that when the game was released there was an issue with a lack of variety in goals scored, namely long range goals. I've only recently bought the game, but I've noticed a ridiculous amount of them. It started in my friendly games, where it was one of my players who scored a few belters against weaker opposition. Even at that point I was thinking it was a bit silly. Now I'm playing league games, I am the victim of these long rangers. It's not just my own opinion either, the commentary reflects the nature of the goals with the usual 'Ooooh what a goal!' remarks. This is genuinely happening to me at least once every 2 games, but more often than not every game. It's really putting me off playing the game, notably as it has meant I have drawn 5 out of 8 league games so far. Is this a common experience? I'm thinking maybe they tried to rectify early concerns about a lack of screamers and have subsequently gone too far the other way.
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