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  1. This is the first game of Football Manager 2019 that I've played (I got the game at Christmas) and I'm playing with a friend, who swapped Middlesbrough into the Premier League in the place of Huddersfield. I've played FM18 a bit and did a similar save over the summer with more success. However, with a slightly different squad and different signings, tactics and opposition, I've encountered significantly more problems. My team generally creates a lot of chances and I have one of the highest chances / game ratios in the league. I made significantly more attacking signings than defensive signings but this is a defence that conceded less than 1 a game over the first 20 in the Championship this real-life season, so I figured that it shouldn't be too leaky. Attack wise, I brought in Josh King for £20m and Collin Quaner for £8m who are good goalscorers yet appear to be missing lots and lots of chances. At the back I signed Bilbao's Inigo Lekue who has proved extremely useful in an attacking WB spot, but not so well defensively. Otherwise, I signed winger Georges-Kévin Nkoudou for LW and Michel Vorm for GK. This has left me with 5 points from a possible 39. I've attached the tactic I used, a 5-4-1 formation with relatively attacking wing-backs. Originally, I was using a lot of different tactics, foolishly trying to desperately find a system that worked and I ended up shipping a lot of goals. However, following back-to-back points against the top 6 I was feeling hopeful. Sadly, in the next few games the 4-2-4 system I was using failed against more level opponents as I was creating very little. I've stuck to the attached system after my performances have improved but I still cannot pick up any points. I've tried moving about my line of engagement but if I bring it too far down, I cannot score a goal but if I put it further up, opposition AMs roam freely in the gap. My team has been saddled with injuries but I strongly believe nothing would have changed if they'd been fit. Is there any way I should tweak my tactics, completely overhaul them or just persevere with what I've got? Should I be playing more defensively or more attacking i.e. play to my strengths or protect my weaknesses? Were my signings a poor decision and who should I look at in the January transfer window (the date is 28th November).
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