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  1. FM13: Juventus FC - The Third Star

    As the teams form is dipping and only having a small squad I am forced to dip into our deep transfer kitty. Players In: Isco 17m Capuano 11.5m F,Coentrao 11m L, Traore Loan M, Demrici Players Out: A, Dzagoev 5m After buying these players the team has picked up again and look on course to win the league with ease again. Just a quick question, How do you post screenies as it would make my life a damn site easier??? Thanks.
  2. FM13: Juventus FC - The Third Star

    Big reconstruction in the team. As I think the league is pretty poor I think I will be able to sell a lot of the big stars and replace with youth. Players in: K, Asamoah 4.2m M, Isla 5.75m Ademilson 5.25m R, Sterling Loan Verrati Loan Players Out: S, Lichtsteiner 8m M, Vucinic 9.25m M, Gabbiadini 1m S, Padion 2.9m F, Melo 8.25m D, Ba 13m E, Giaccherini 4.5m (co) A, Pirlo 1.4m R, Ziegler 5.25m These were the main playeres I sold there were a few more, most of which were straight cash and the board milked most of the money! 1st team: Gk: Buffon Dr: Isla Dc: Bonnucci Dc: Chiellini Dl: De Ceglie Mc: Vidal Mc: Marchisio Amr: Pepe Amc: Verratti/Giovinco bad injury! Aml: Wellington Nem Sc: Matri/Ademilson Serie A Started the season well beating teams with ease. Again against a much weaker team (Novara) we lose. I'm at the half way point now and we have still only lost that one game but just like the first season drawing far too many. Champions League: Had a pretty hard group, Tottenham, Benfica and Celtic. Still I thought we had the squad to progress. WRONG! Elminated at the group stages. I'll have to blame myself going far too attacking on away fixtures cost us. We managed 3rd spot which gives us channels 5 coverage playing versus Basil.
  3. FM13: Juventus FC - The Third Star

    Sorry it has been a while but I have been busy. Anyway, this is what happened in the first season: Serie A We won the championship with six games to spare. Even though we only lost one game I thought the team didn't perform up to expected standards drawing far too many in what was a poor league. Champions League This gave me a better reflection on the team. We managed to get into the quarters playing Man U and got absolutely annihilated. I think it was 6-1 agg score. I think it was a mix of me making tactical mistakes and the team underperforming. Objectives for next season: I want to get rid of as many older players in the team. I think they are overpaid for what they are producing on the pitch. So I'm gonna replace them with fresh younger players who are going to cut my wage bill down and also give me a challenge to win the league n turn them into world beaters.
  4. None EU players?

    Haha, the funny thing is Ademilson was the player I was trying to sign... Oh well I'll have to wait till next season.
  5. None EU players?

    Ah ok so I got the wrong end of the stick. Cheers for cleaning it up for me!
  6. None EU players?

    Yea mate that was my understanding aswell..
  7. Hi, Please can someone help me... I am currently playing as Juventus and I'm trying to sign a brazilian player. As I try to finish the transfer it cancels saying I already have 2 none EU players. I've looked on player info and I don't know if it's me but it doesn't clearly state if they're EU or not. I have Martin Caceres Who has been in spain for 5 years and Italy for 2 yet he doesn't clear for Spanish nationality? How can I check who isn't an EU player?
  8. FM13: Juventus FC - The Third Star

    Damn! My knowledge of the Italian league and its players has fell behind...
  9. FM13: Juventus FC - The Third Star

    Came along this page and after reading everyone's post I have decided to share with you my game so far. I'm currently 19 games strong. Top of the pack but Genoa are right up my tail 3 points behind with a game in hand. Interesting games... 1-0 win agaist Inter. 0-1 loss against Catania - My 1st and only loss in the league. 3-0 win against fiorentina. 1-1 draw versus Napoli. 6-0 win against Roma - Starting to employ a more attacking tactic now I'm finding my feet with this team and it's starting to pay off! 2-2 vs Milan. I have progressed to the 1st knock out stage of the Champions League. We have a relatively easy draw, we're travelling to france to play Montpellier in the 1st leg. In the league cup I wanted to give the squad players believing they was good enough to get us through. My plan backfired and we got easily brushed aside by Sampdoria 1-0 at our home. Transfers in: Alan Dzagoev - 2.5 mil. Wellington Nem - 3.5 mil. Nicklas Helenius - 1.7 mil. Facundo Lescano - 775k. Demba Ba - 7 mil. Tranfers out: Paul Pogba - Loan - Decided to loan him out as he wouldn't much game time. Will defo be in my plans next season. Luca Marrone - 2.4 mil. Fabio Quagliarella - 5 mil Andrea Baragli - 6.25 - Thought his better days were behind him plus only playing with 2 cb's so I cashed in. After reading this thread I regret it. I switch between 2 tactics depending on who I am playing. 4-1-2-2-1 and 4-2-3-1. The team and formation I mostly use are: 4-2-3-1 Gk - Buffon Dr - Isla Dc - Bonnucci - Best defender so far. Dc - Chiellini Dl - De Ceglie Mc - Marchisio Mc - Vidal Amr - Pepe - what a beast for me. 18 games, 8 goals and 13 assists! Amc - Giovinco - key figure. he's the man that makes this team tick going foward. Aml - Vucinic - Coming in with his fair share of goals lately. sc - Matri/Ba Fairly happy with my season so far. Can't really complain as we are top of the league but I feel we have the stregth to be running away with the league. Second half of the season target is to make a lot more of the draws into wins! I'll keep you posted.
  10. Thanks for your reply aditya and lee_the_pea. Now I have some hard decisions to make! will upload my progress in due course.
  11. Hi all, First off great thread it has helped me with my "homework"... lol! Anyway nearly done with all my researce and ready to start a game which maybe you guys could help me with. I'm debating on wether to sell Vela or not? I'll play him as an AML as I don't feel he can play as a lone striker. So what has been your expirience with him in this role? Also I know many of you have played Walcott up front but again I just don't see him as a lone man... I'll be playing him at AMR position, whats he been like for you guys?
  12. Matchday Backgrounds (normal and widescreen)

    Ok I have sussed it now, next problem... I have managed to get the prem backgrounds working on both squad n match screen, the problem I'm having now is I did the same thing for the spanish league n the squad background works but on match day the background does not appear?
  13. Matchday Backgrounds (normal and widescreen)

    Yes mate I'm using 10.3. I haven't deleted wide or normal screen as I don't know which one applies to my laptop, all I do is take one out n place it on my desktop and if that doesn't work I'll try the next... Are you saying if it's not deleted and not in the required file it will still affect it? The only backgrounds I have on are the standard ones that come with the stelko x skin, can this affect it too? Thanks!
  14. Matchday Backgrounds (normal and widescreen)

    Hi, I seem to be the only one to be having trouble to upload this... So could you please help? Right, I have downloaded n extracted to C:\Users\username\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\graphics\backgrounds (graphics and backgrounds I added myself), have skin chace unticked and also show backgrounds n reload on confirmed ticked... N still the backgrounds won't show! I'm using stelko x, tried both normal n widescreen, tried putting this in the stelko graphics folder itself, moving the the standard graphics from stelko and much more!!! what am I doing wrong??? PS I'm using a Packard Bell EasyNote TJ75 hope this helps.
  15. Why only 3/4 points? I mean this sounds like a how long is a piece of string question to me. Surely someone can become much faster with better acceleration from tha age of 15/16 to the ages between 25-28 when your body is at its physical peak? So in my opinion you shouldn't worry about how much he can improve but how...