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  1. Oh I see! I would love to help but I don't have much time on my hands You're doing God's work, trust me!
  2. Hello Travis! That's some ****ing decent work if I say so myself! Just a question: is the inclusion of the fourth division in the pipeline or not? If not, what's holding it back? Just a tad curious about the world of FM editing!
  3. When will the download link be available? This looks like a fun database!
  4. @Florian von Saltes good evening! I was wondering.. will you go as far as creating the full Spanish football pyramid like last year? Or is that not on your plans this year? Anyway, great work!
  5. Hello everybody! Just a quick question in case someone who's more competent with the editor can answer me. I'm trying to start a save in the lower leagues in Brazil (thanks to the Mundi UP database) but I noticed that every team is set to 'professional' status and free agents never accept non-contracts, no matter what clause or fee I put in. Is that due to the status? Would that change if the teams had an 'amateur' or 'semi-pro' status? That would also seem more realistic since those team dismantle and change their roster every season and pull out of competitions for bankruptcy more times than I change my underwear lmao If anybody can help me that would be greatly appreciated
  6. I'm sorry for double-posting, but I noticed that Trem Futebol Clube is missing in the Campeonato Amapaense If I ever find out anything else, I'll try and let you know if you'd like.
  7. Quick question: I see there are multiple teams which are not competing in any state championship. Is there a way to get them to compete in one while managing them or not? Thank you in advance. :)
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