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  1. I'm just intrigued by the south american football system, which is basically the polar opposite of the italian one lol
  2. I beg, let Brazil be more urgent than the Caribbean states😭😭 I'll help you in any way I can 😢
  3. Oh okay, thanks for explaining it. I had a look at the bolivian league system and holy **** it looks complicated. Props to you I'd love to learn a thing or two from you lmao
  4. @Tonao is the Bolivian league playable to the third level? Because when I load it, it goes down to the second
  5. I can't believe people stressing editors to do gargantuan work like this as if it's some child's game.. Only looking at what other people did in the editor to replicate real life systems made my head spin🥴
  6. Yesss! That was the other nation I was waiting for! Thank you so so much for your work!
  7. I swear if you could do that anyway, that would be absolutely grand! You'd give me the best database I'd ever wished for! Unfortunately the MRT90 one doesn't have many of the lower state championships and most of the small teams aren't assigned to any state championship so they're left wandering without playing any match for eternity ahaha
  8. Pardon my ignorance, but are you sure on the Mundi UP state championship promotions don't work? Gee now I look like an absolute tool hahaha
  9. Great work! If I can give you a piece of advice, as far as Brazilian databases go, the Mundi UP is the best by a country mile! Ask the creators if you can include it in your pack! They have all the state championships unlocked until the fifth level for some states!
  10. Quick question, hoping someone knows anything about this Since i play in lower leagues on custom databases, most of the teams are populated with greyed out players which as far as I know have a cap on their current ability. If that's the case, is there a way to modify that cap? Is it hardcoded in the game? Or is it related to something like reputation or what not? Thanks in advance!
  11. I see.. but what about the players generated by the "Add players to playable teams" toggle? Since I play in the lower leagues of Brazil, most of the teams aren't populated
  12. Hello everybody, I have a fairly simple question (I don't know if there's an equally simple answer) I like playing in Brazil, but i noticed that the game generates very few MCs and a lot of DMs, AMs and wingers. Is there a way to fiddle with the editor to change the position of the newgens or is it hardcoded? thanks in advance!
  13. Oh I see! I would love to help but I don't have much time on my hands You're doing God's work, trust me!
  14. Hello Travis! That's some ****ing decent work if I say so myself! Just a question: is the inclusion of the fourth division in the pipeline or not? If not, what's holding it back? Just a tad curious about the world of FM editing!
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