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  1. In steam there should be one made by reinalda, usually he makes pretty good databases!
  2. You should look in fmsite.com They have made the database which is the closest to reality Only downside is that not all regions of Spain go to the lowest level, although all regions go down to at least the fifth level.
  3. I can imagine that the database doesn't include all the teams Obviously, I'm not forcing anybody into doing anything, if it's too much work (and I'm sure it's a lot of work) and nobody wants to take it on, absolutely no problem!
  4. The english Wikipedia page says 772 (which is bonkers if I think that here in Italy there are 10.000 teams)
  5. I know this is a very high quantity of work, but would anybody take on the full Finnish football pyramid?
  6. some regions are fine, some regions keep having the same problem.. Nevermind, I guess it's not meant to be lol
  7. Oh never mind, I tried to ask him but I guess he wasn't particularly bothered so that's fine as well Thank you for spending your time on this anyway!
  8. I simulated to 2021 using the fmscout custom start date database and the "problem" unfortunately keeps occuring
  9. So I guess that if he didn't do that, the game will always do that weird grouping thing where the first gets super filled and the others will get the bare minimum number of teams?
  10. First of all, I'm far from being an editor, it's more of a cry for help I simulated for a couple of seasons to see if the groups kept the right teams and i noticed the discrepancy in the number of teams In every division from the 4th and below, the number of teams is set to be from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 24
  11. Absolutely I'd love it if someone way better than me could help me fix it The file is @Weiry's Hungary Complete Pyramid (7 Levels Fully Activated).fmf
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