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  1. Holy moly, 7 divisions! This looks fun, might give it a look! Great work, props to you!
  2. Check that teams have youth facilities, on the editor under the stadium section They should have the youth facilities value greater than 0 Im not an editor but I had some issues with youth intakes so I hope this helps
  3. Hi, any news on the league history bug? Maybe @Tonao can explain exactly the problem, since the patch it made impossible to replicate the Brazilian system! Thanks for the help!
  4. There's the link for you all! The work's been done by the Italian forum and I must say it's pretty accurate! Have fun!
  5. Hello everyone! I was wondering if anybody this year has done the full Spanish pyramid down to the ninth level I saw it done for FM18 but I can't seem to find it for FM19? Can it be done? Thank you!
  6. My guy, you need to learn some basic social skills It's not the first time I've seen you being rude to editors, you have to learn how to behave and how to ask things nicely Have you got any idea how much work Tonao's doing FOR FREE? I mean, cmon, you have like 15 other countries to play in
  7. UP just so that his work gets appreciated and downloaded by some more people because he absolutely deserves it!
  8. I know that ahaha I have your update for the American leagues, timo's update for the African leagues and various small updates for European leagues.. Whenever I start a new save I have basically two full screens full of nations to choose from
  9. Holy **** you're already almost done with the central American leagues 😱😱 I can already taste the Brazilian update 🥴
  10. I swear I check this thread to see if there's any update more than I check my phone to see if my girlfrien texted me xD
  11. Holy moly, you're basically at the bottom! Doesn't the "official" system go down as far as level 17?
  12. I'm just intrigued by the south american football system, which is basically the polar opposite of the italian one lol
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