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  1. AI sincerely don't understand.. It's sad, you were a great editor and you made many people enjoy the game much more with your work But nobody forced you to do it :/ It's a real shame, best of luck with everything else you do!
  2. Oh don't be sorry! It's a mastodontic task and a few errors are to be expected! I know in Scandinavia English is well spoken and understood, but it seemed like it was the main language over Icelandic! When you release the new version I'll give it a look! Thank you so much!
  3. Hi! Just started a save in Iceland while using your file and I noticed an abnormal number of players with english names and when signing Icelandic players the game tells me to send them to intensive courses of English since they're not fluent in it.. can you give it a look, please?
  4. Thanks! Funnily enough, Weiry contacted me himself asking me for info to get on with the Hungarian database I'll check this database while Weiry works on his!
  5. Thanks! For now I'm gathering the informations about teams down to Hungary's last level so that if I can find somebody that can use the editor wants, a more accurate database can be done (I can't use the editor to save my life)
  6. Hello everybody, is there a file that unlocks the lower leagues in Hungary? I know there's one by SangueBlu but it's not made with realistic features.. If you could help that would be great!
  7. Your league updates are among the best you can find in here! Just a quick question, is Hungary on your list?
  8. Given the fact that I don't actually know how FM generates the name poll, I asked this with blissful ignorance Is the name poll hardcoded? I'm sure you know this way better than I do 😂
  9. Sorry, I didn't explain myself properly.. I already started a career without this file and that's the situation I had.. I asked if this file could maybe correct that since during this period I can't test it myself..
  10. This is actually incredible, lol Props to you, @majesticeternity Will this affect the name pool in some way? Managing in Brazil makes the regens get all the same names, I have like 4 Pipoca, 3 Xuxa and 5 Ricardo! Just a question, don't know if it's hardcoded
  11. Oh will that work for lower league clubs as well? I'll try and download it again then! Thank you very much!
  12. Excellent work yet again! Just a couple of questions.. All the teams that are not in any state championship at the start of the save.. Will they be able to qualify for one at any point or not? Also, will you correct the colours for the teams? (for example, Radium de Mococa use green and red but when you use them the menus are red and white) This is just aesthetical! Great work, again!
  13. Great work! The baltic countries are always interesting to have in FM!! Another question.. Will you do Georgia as well after you're done with Lithuania?
  14. Holy moly, 7 divisions! This looks fun, might give it a look! Great work, props to you!
  15. Check that teams have youth facilities, on the editor under the stadium section They should have the youth facilities value greater than 0 Im not an editor but I had some issues with youth intakes so I hope this helps
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