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  1. Nope. He doesn’t. The irony is that he has a negative in that he is disappointed not to be able to join me announced in public domain because Lazio had rejected an earlier bid
  2. I’m not too bothered by the bids really. Though I do find it ridiculous sometimes. The main thing i’m talking about is the actual contract negotiation with the player itself. It seems just plain ******** that a player can insist on a huge contract but then decide to go for the team who if u look at them financially, are probably even better than your club, and accept a contract which is basically half of what you accepted in the negotiation.
  3. Controlling Man Utd. Just won league and champions league. Offered player (Milinkovic-Savic) a contract he asks for. 275k per week. 11.8m loyalty bonus. 53k app fee. 32k goal bonus. 18k sub fee. Man City (computer AI). Finished 3rd. Won nothing. Had disappointing season overall. Offers same player a contract. Basically half of whatever I was made to offer. He goes to Man City. Now, irregardless of how illogical this seems. I do think the game is like instantly coded to just make things ridiculous for us. Besides the fact that i’m constantly getting
  4. Actually I quite like the fact he plays on the shoulder of the last defender. He has scored crucial goals against the other top teams in alot of my games because we hit them hard on the counter. But I'll try him on support duty. Think given his real life playstyle, it fits in as well. Agreed. But I do find that midfielders in this game still take too many pot shots from range even though they could and should be holding off and making the pass. Its like in this game, there is barely any situation in which they attempt to play passes to the forwards feet. Instead, they'll just l
  5. Only shoot less often for the 3 midfielders. That said though, I've run into trouble when facing opposition who defend very deep and look to control possession. And my midfielders still take pot shots way too often rather than go for the more obvious pass. I tried to experiment by switching Herrera to a BBM and Pogba as an AP-A on the left of the three instead. They end up taking way more shots than all of my 3 forwards combined.... Herrera especially, when I experimented with him as a BBM, he ended up having 18 shots on goal (barely any on target and none went in obviously). I'm
  6. I've tried a few different variations to try and achieve what OGS is doing. The best I could come up with was a 4-3-3 formation utilising a Fluid-Counter Attacking (Attacking Mentality). Its still early stages but I've had some success replicating the style in a way. PF - At Rashford IF - Su IF - Su Martial Lingard DLP - De AP - At DLP - Su Matic Pogba Herrera
  7. I started the topic here. Apologies but mine was for the iOS version. That said, I do believe the android version is actually easier to do so compared to the iOS version. If you follow the other link I made in the post where I got most of the steps from, there should be a rough guide for the android version as well.
  8. Nope. iOS versions do not have the option to clear the cache. So the skin exists to act as something like a conduit to enable the other files to be loaded.
  9. The skins I used in the link aren't exactly any different from the base version. From what it looks like to me, the skin is there simply to help the game load the graphics since the Interface on the FMT version doesn't give you the option to clear cache and reload graphics. I've not tried any other actual skins so I'm not sure if it can work on FMT.
  10. Copied over from the post I made on reddit. First and foremost, this is not my work but more a summary and compilation of the steps involved. Most of the steps I took was taken from [here] (https://sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/38013/how-to-add-kit-logo-and-face-packs-to-fm2018-touch-on-ios-on-ipad?page=3) For the logos and such, you can get it from FMscout.com or FMMvibe.com. First things first though, get this [skin] (http://www.mediafire.com/file/ytg68z675wv55rn/fmt19ios_patch4graphics_v0.1.zip). You probably can use other skins but I haven't tried it yet.
  11. I manage to get Logos working on FM Touch. So by all accounts, facepacks should work as well. I'll post the steps that I compiled on reddit here as well.
  12. I'm facing a similar issue here. Was using a tactic 4-3-3 tactic I got from Fmscout (Link Here) and in the first season, basically steamrolled everything with all 3 forwards scoring a bunch of goals. Second season in, decided to stick with the formation and bought a couple of players (Harry Kane and Frederico Chiesa). However, it seems like my players have decided to play a completely different type of football and ignoring instructions. My midfielders keep trying to take pot shots and ignoring any aspect of build up play or even threading through balls totally (Pogba is now my top score
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