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  1. Season 1 : 2018-2019 Transfers : As I already said, I have no transfer or salary budget to make new signings. However, I managed to sign a midfielder, Niclas Erlbeck, in january with an amateur contract to have more depth in the squad. Regionalliga-Nordost : A very good season started with a 16 game undefeated streak before losing my first game of the season against Chemnitz. Thanks to these wins I stayed in the first place of the league for a long time till the 0-3 loss againt Rot-Weiss Erfurt in march. I took back the first place after the win against Nordhausen and i kept it till the end of the season. DFB Pokal and Berliner Landespokal : The German Cup has not been very successful for my team as I lost in the first round against Freiburg. The regional cup is a little deception. I won the first three round quite easily against weakest teams, but as soon as I played against a better team I couldn't do anything. The players : Even though I had no depth in my squad, I have been very lucky not to have long injuries which allowed me to keep almost the same starting XI for the whole season. I made turnover only when players were suspended or tired. The offensive trio made of Philip Schulz, Patrik Twardzik and Marc Brasnic has been the key of my success this season. Youth intake : I only have basic youth facilities so I did not expected to get wonderkid from my academy ... Carreer summary :
  2. Welcome to my first save on this forum. I will try to keep it alive as long as possible to reach my goals ! 1. Why this club ? I made a save with Dynamo Dresden on FM16 and i really like to play in Germany. I managed to reach the Bundesliga and play the Europa League for many consecutive years. That probably was one of my most interesting save since I play Football Manager so I decided to renew the experience this year, but with a more difficult challenge. As I'm a big fan of history and communism, I chosed BFC Dynamo, which was one of the most successful club of East Germany, wining 10 consecutive titles from 1979 to 1988. 2. Who's the manager ? The new BFC Dynamo's manager will be a fictive one. He's named Manfred Wolf and was born in Karl Marx Stadt (oh god, I love this name !) in 1981. He loves to play an offensive style of football and usually uses a 4-2-3-1 system. 3. Which long terms objectives ? The main goal of this save is to reach the Bundesliga and to be competitive in German top tier. Then, I'll try to be the club number 1 in Berlin by wining national and european titles. As you know, Berlin is one of the few european capitals with no high level team (Hertha is just a mid-league team). 4. The squad : Here's the squad for the first season in the Regionalliga-Nordost. I will have to start with three players out for 6 to 7 months (Brendel, Cubukcu and Rabiega) and no possibility to sign any player as I have no transfer or salary budget.
  3. Hello everyone, Is there any FM19 update to recreate these countries like the old Behind The Iron Curtain FM16 update ? Thanks
  4. Hi Uncle Sam, amazing job you did, but why Benoit Tremoulinas is in Cincinnati, Samir Nasri and Max Meyer in Nashville (which is actually Chivas USA), Roman Eremenko in Miami and probable many more players not in their right clubs ? Is there a way to fix this ? Do you have a file without those wrong transfers ? Thanks for your answer
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