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  1. Im just going to give a shout out for two not named players on the list that might not cost as much: Cheick Tiote & Victor Wanyama. Also Lucas from Liverpool could also play that role nicely. Also have you looked at Blaise Matuidi for the more French Arsenal way? Best case scenario you might even get Daniele de Rossi for 40 mil. There is even Sami Khedira who is usely left go. Haha i keep thinking of more players. Anyway good luck and let us know which one you picked?
  2. Roma is a challenging save indeed. I find myself to be a pretty good FM player during the years. But for some reason Roma is very hard to manage with there expectations, ageing team and finances. Ive always had niche for creating Italian teams with 90% Italian players and i might just start a Roma game and try and get one going. Especially due to the great youngsters Roma usually have. Also because there seams to be a wealth of talented Italians around.
  3. For some reason Zidane, resigned as scout of Real Madrid, and was made Manager of AS Cannes the year after. Funny, never seen that before in my games. He didnt do to bad either.
  4. You can easily make urself a son with FMRTE if u wished Never heard of this feature before. Never seen it, and have 4 saves over 2018
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