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  1. NK Radomlje - November 2018 Slovenia 2 Liga Not the best start to life in Slovenia, but things could've been worse. My first game as manager was a great performance in a 3-1 win away at Nafta Lendava. Igor Barukic, a CM I'm playing out of position on the left wing, scored twice and Gasper Trdin got a third for an emphatic start. The next game was a disappointing loss against Brezice in which they scored a late goal to take all the points. We closed the month with a frustrating draw against Fuzinar in which they scored late, and we snatched a very late equalizer to salvage a point. Two frustrating performances after such a good start. We now have a long winter break and our next competitive game is in March, which is a bit crazy to have 3 months off in the middle of the season. Still haven't had a home game yet as manager!
  2. Yeah, the job offers have always been pretty unrealistic. A few years ago I was managing Blyth Spartans and was offered the Sunderland job when I was in League Two, which was ridiculous. You definitely made the right decision to reject the Ipswich offer.
  3. New Club - NK Radomlje Appointed as manager on November 6th, 2018 History | Finances | Facilities | League Position (12th) NK Radomlje are a semi-professional team currently playing in the 2nd tier of Slovenia. Although they were predicted to finish 4th in the 2 Liga, they find themselves in 12th place and hovering just 4 points above the relegation zone. All in all, I'm quite happy with this team as a starting point. They played in the top division as recently as the 2016/17 season and have very decent facilities. On top of that, the finances aren't in a dire state, which is always nice. The only downside so far is the tiny stadium (700 capacity). Board Expectations Slovenia 2 Liga | Top Half Finish Pokal Slovenia | Not Judging Me (already knocked out) My Expectations Slovenia 2 Liga | Top Half Finish Pokal Slovenia | Already knocked out, so doesn't matter My main aim this season is to consolidate and get this team away from the relegation battle. Given the strength of the squad I have at my disposal, this really shouldn't be too difficult to achieve, NK Radomlje are far too good to be relegated. So I will be overall happy if we can meet the board's expectations of a top half finish this season. Best Players Here are the key members of our squad as I've arrived. Haris Kadric - Young striker we have on loan for the season. Very well rounded physical, mentally, and technically. Gal Primc - Great left back, leading player for this division. Luka Cerar - I hope he'll be our creative outlet this season. Rok Jazbec - Our best center back. Another solid player all-round, and pretty young as well.
  4. Well it took a few months, but I've gotten a job! Looks like we are starting in Slovenia-- a country I've never managed in before.
  5. My First Journeyman Save I've had some amazing one club saves over the past few iterations of Football Manager, but never in my life have I been able to complete a long-term journeyman save. I'm hoping this will be the thread that changes that. There have been some amazing stories on this forum and my style of updates and writing will be largely inspired by Tomtuck and SRL88, which I hope is okay! Both of them have posted a few absolutely fantastic careers that I've read front to back. Goals and Ambitions In all honesty, I just want to have as much fun as possible and play the game (somewhat) realistically. If I fall in love with a club, I may end up staying with them for 10+ years. I will be sticking strictly to European leagues, as I find them more interesting than other continents (just a personal preference!). Anyways, let me get into the specific details of the game now: Leagues Loaded England (League Two and above) Germany (Regionalliga and above) France (Championnat National and above) Portugal (LigaPro and above) Scotland (Championship and above) Ukraine (Persha Liha and above) Serbia (Prva Liga and above) Slovenia (2 Liga and above) Romania (Liga II and above) Croatia (Druga Liga and above) Additionally, I've set Italy & Spain both to View-Only down to the 2nd division. I will activate them when I hopefully have a better reputation, but don't feel either of those countries would be a good starting spot. Meet my manager: Adrian Nicolau, a 30 year-old Romanian with a National A license and professional experience at the local level. This will hopefully be enough to get me a job at one of the lowest leagues I have loaded. I will especially be hoping to start off in Romania for realism, but in all honesty I will take pretty much any club that offers me something.
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