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  1. You make the most comprehensive and realistic (rules-wise) databases every year. You don't have to apologise for anything. I don't have a clue about how the FM database works, wish I did though. If I did I would happily help you.
  2. Are you from Buxton? I don't live too far from there myself really. I live In Sheffield. Been to Buxton Opera House a few times then they have different comedians/performers there.
  3. Any chance this database will come out today Messi? Wouldn't mind having a go later on. Not got much else going off haha.
  4. Yes my man. The first ever post basically by Messi. At the bottom of his first post. When the new database is ready it will change where it says "Edited on xxxxx" date.
  5. The file to download the database is on the 1st page of this thread. However, I would wait a few more hours or maybe a day or so, until Messi releases a new UPDATE for the database. It will be almost identical to the one you can get right now from page 1 of this thread. However, there will be a few small changes and fixes which make the game structure a little bit more true to the reality of the football pyramid.
  6. What was the fix* I should have said. Any idea on when the new database will be out? I actually did 4 seasons when I downloaded one of your databases a few months back. But I got burned out with playing so might start a new save and take it slower.
  7. Glad to see this database is still improving! What was the problem Messi?
  8. I might start a new save then....I'll be working from home for the foreseeable future anyway!
  9. Hey Messi did this get fixed? Would there be a way to get it into my save without having to start again?
  10. I can see that they are set to "home" rather than "national". Did you create your own version of the FA Cup because there's one in the game editor which is called "FA Cup (2019)". That is set to "National Stadium" for final. But then there is another FA Cup which is set to "home" for the semi final and finals. Same goes for FA Trophy. There is one in the editor which looks correct, but then there is another FA Trophy which is set to "home" for the final. If this is indeed a mistake, then is it possible to fix without restarting the save? Also, if I do have to restart, is i
  11. I also noticed that the FA Cup, FA Trophy, FA Vase finals (and the semi final for the FA Cup) are all played from the home team's stadium and not from Wembley. Is there any way to fix this in game, or with some sort of editor? I must have restarted the same level 11 save about 3 times now
  12. Could be the new update, but need more information other than "just ****ed up". What exactly is wrong?
  13. Ben, that message is pretty disrespectful to be honest. For a start, Messi's database goes down to Level 11 and the FMEditor's just down to Level 10. Just to add in this one extra level would have taken Messi a significant amount of time, due to the sheer number of leagues and teams at this level. I have played both FMEditors databases and Messi's. Both are as fantastic as each other. In fact they are almost identical, apart from Messi has got the full structure of Level 11 available. Messi - I am 2 seasons into a save and haven't encountered any problems yet. I started the save befo
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