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  1. How's any of your saves going Messi? Any other bugs noticed in the database? Mine seems to be running fine and I am in the 3rd season.
  2. Apologies, I recall you saying this a few posts back. How is it going in the Isthmian then
  3. Nice one mate. How is it going in the Northern Premier?
  4. Nice one mate. I don't think they were promoted to this league though. What it looked like is that Peacehaven & Telscombe were participating in two separate divisions, but at the same time. It wasn't 2 unique Peacehaven teams, just the same team but enroled into two different divisions simultaneously. They seemed to have a fixture every 2-3 days as a result!
  5. I think I actually looked myself in the editor and it appeared that they were only in one of those divisions, not both. It was a strange one. I'll post a screen shot in a few hours when I'm back home.
  6. In my save (during the first season), Peacehaven & Telscombe are participating in 2 different divisions at the same time lol. Not a clue how this has happened. I forgot to mention it a while back, and am currently at work so can't take a screenshot. They were playing in both the Southern Combination Premier Division, and Southern Combination Division 1 I think. I looked at their schedule and they seemed to have a fixture every 3 days, due to the sheer volume of days they played! The funny thing is, they came 1st in both Leagues
  7. What exactly are you struggling with? Need more details about what exactly you're trying to do and we should be able to help.
  8. I haven't had time to play a great deal this past week or so, due to working and a few activities with friends at the weekend. I'm in the second season, almost at the end. I am top with South Kirkby Colliery. So I am going for back-to-back promotions like you did yourself. The changes that you have made, regarding maximum wages, 50% share of gate receipts and the regional boundaries, they are not things which will massively affect the save are they?
  9. Excellent work to get those promotions. Northern Premier League will prove a tough task with some of the clubs that are in there. I reckon Hucknall Town will do it though.
  10. Random teams from level 11 clubs will enter the FA Vase. However, once you get promoted to level 10, you will always be in the FA Vase for as long as you remain at this level. The same goes for when you get promoted again to level 9. You will be in the FA Vase for every season you remain at level 9. As for big gaps between fixtures, I was in a division with only 14 teams, so I sometimes had 10-20 day gaps too.
  11. Nice progress mate. Hucknall Town are the new Man City with 100 points in a season . Do you use facepacks in your FM? I'm thinking of downloading one, but the file sizes are just so big.
  12. I have the following loaded: English leagues down to level 11 Welsh Premier Northern Irish top division Republic of Ireland top division Scotland down to League 2 French League 1 German top division Spanish top division Italian top division Then in advanced setup I have a large database. I also tick the box which says "add players to playable teams". This will give every small team some fake players who have been generated by the game (instead of the grayed-out players who seem to have 6 or 7 for all their stats and can't be signed).
  13. I obviously wasn't paying enough attention then as I thought they had got promoted to a new division after the first season. I will double check when I get home and if it did happen then I will post screenshots. How are you doing in your save Messi?
  14. I'm not 100% sure Lee. Messi will be more knowledgeable on this. I did see some rules in the editor which say "reserve team / B teams cannot be promoted" or something along those lines. However, I could have sworn that Gateshead Reserves got promoted in the first season. Playing something like 28 games, and winning all 28 games ! They also won the Wearside Cup too. In the second season (which I am currently in myself), they may have just moved to another level 11 division (due to geographical reasons), I'm not fully sure, and I'm not back home for another 5 hours to check. Compared to the issues that Messi has already fixed, this really isn't a serious one and can be sorted pretty easy.
  15. I like the look of that, looks interesting. Especially with teams on the same points ranked at random! . I will keep an eye on your thread to see how you get on.
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